Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two New Additions to the Yount Collection

As I mentioned on my 1982 Topps blog, I have been in New Orleans for work for most of this week.  I decided to put together a few posts ahead of time and let them trickle out during the week.  If I hadn't done that, I probably would have ended up with 7 posts last weekend.

Anyway, this is the final one of the "pre-planned" posts.  When I return from the Crescent City, I have a ton of catching up to in terms of trades, eBay purchases, a Listia "purchase," and who knows what else I will have by that time.

But, I really wanted to put this post together before I left and put it up while I was gone so I didn't steal the thunder from my other posts and, at the same time, I was too excited to keep these under my hat until my return.

What got me so excited?

First, eTopps:

The Cynical Buddha featured this card on his blog last week.  CB mentioned that there were only 1002 eTopps cards printed for Yount, so I started looking around to see if I could find one while the thought was fresh in my head.  Normally, that is a recipe for disaster. 

I looked around on eBay and tried to go to COMC to find it.  COMC is in a bit of a shambles still, and it was messy like a teenager's room when I went looking for this.  As a last resort, I went Googling.  Strangely, I found it on Amazon being sold by COMC.  Yes, I had to pay an extra $0.99 for the shipping fee -- which almost certainly found its way to Jeff Bezos's corporate bank account -- but it didn't seem terribly overpriced in any way next to how much it must have cost to ship this to its original owner.  Just check out CB's blog -- he can give you the low down on the ridiculous prices Topps was charging for shipping.

For the amount I paid for this card, I am excited to have it.

Then, there was another card -- a holy grail of sorts to any Yount collector:

It's the MINI!!!!!! (C) Night Owl Publications, All Rights Reserved.  

I have been tracking the 1975 Yount Mini Rookie for the past three months.  I did not want to get a card in fair to poor condition for $5 or $10 because I would then immediately be looking for a condition upgrade.  I mean, I'd take one like that for my team collection, but for the main player collection, I wanted one with a semblance of sharper corners.  Centering was not as important to me as looking like it is "new".  

Finally, after a few months, I found this one for $25 all-in (shipping included) on eBay.  I jumped on it and lo and behold, it's mine.

Now, I just need the O-Pee-Chee version, and I will have the trifecta complete.

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