Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post #100 is coming up...

I'm just a few posts away from #100.  I'd estimate my over/under on words I've typed on this blog to be probably around 12,000 or so, since I'm incredibly verbose and start nesting clauses and phrases inside other clauses and phrases.

And yet, there are at least a few of you who come and read this stuff regularly.  Or at least, you make an effort to wade through my dissertations on how Robin Yount's bubble perm was the reason why the Berlin Wall fell.

To thank you guys, I'm going to do a contest.  Also, to get more readership, I'm going to do a contest.

Basically, the contest will have two groups: people who have commented/followed/traded with me already, and people who have not.

The winner or winners (haven't decided that one yet) will get first choice on a prize, followed by winner or winners of the "new" folks group.

Then, there will be one additional prize for the person who is responsible for the most new people coming here and commenting.

I'll post the specific rules in my 100th post, but hopefully y'all will participate.  I mean, after all, who doesn't like free stuff?

Especially when the free stuff could include these:


  1. Can't wait either. Some nice potential cards even though there are no Mets (just kidding). I'll probably due a contest too at some point in the future.