Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2012 Topps Archives Blasters

Last week, my wife informed me that she could not find the little plastic insert needed for 45 RPM records to play on a record player.  Yes, we have records and a record player; this is a sure sign of being over 40 years old.

Anyway, as a part of that purchase on Amazon, I decided to treat myself a bit and picked up a couple of blasters of 2012 Topps Archives -- to see if I liked those cards as much as I liked the 2013 version.  The answer is a resounding "yes, yes I do."

Before I get into the cards and inserts, though, I wanted to note that Topps needs to do a new base set -- not just a limited edition group, but an entire base set -- using the matte finish, white cardboard, black bordered cards similar to that used for the 1971 base set cards from the 2012 Archives.  Those cards are some of the sharpest looking cards I have seen.  The white cardboard is awesome and makes for more vibrant colors, and the black borders just set off the photo and the printing on the card so well.

Now, I didn't like the fact that I only got two Brewers base cards out of two blasters.  At the same time, I did get two Ryan Braun inserts, so that makes up for it some.

Okay, with that said, here are the cards and items that I liked in breaking these blasters open:

I definitely like the 1977 Cloth Sticker inserts.  I have gotten a couple of the Robin Yount stickers in trades, so these are all nice additions to the collection.  As with most other items, if it is not a Brewer, let me know if you like it/need it.  I have two of the Johnny Bench sticker, in particular:

Here's the other Braun insert, along with its Clayton Kershaw pal from the 1967 sticker collection:

I didn't get any of the Deckle Edge inserts, but I did get two of the 1968 3D Insert set:

I also got a few of the Archives reprints to go with the two Robin Yount reprints I have gotten in trades or from COMC:

Finally, there were a couple of base cards that I really liked.  First, I'm sure I can be proven wrong about this, but it does not seem like Ty Cobb gets a whole lot of love in the reprint/archives world -- especially as compared to others like Ruth and Mantle.  I'm sure it is the same reason cited in the movie "Field of Dreams" as to why the players did not let Cobb come play in Iowa, but he is one of the all-time greats.

So, it was good to see this card in the Archives:

Finally, Roberto Clemente...for whatever reason, it always seems special to see one of his cards.
Thanks, as always, for reading.


  1. Nice. 2012 Archives was my first reintroduction ripping obsession. Never got much in the way of hits, but it was fun and will have a place in my heart for a long time.

  2. I really enjoy those 3D and cloth sticker inserts. Nice break.