Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Trade with S.Mack Talk and Hot Corner Cards Trade #2

Tornados are nothing to trifle with.  Thankfully, I did not take the photo above.  Hopefully, I will not be seeing a similar sight overnight tonight or tomorrow.  We've had some rough weather here in Georgia -- though nothing like what our brethren in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee have seen in the past few days.  I'm not looking forward to any kind of hunkering down tonight with storms, and I hope that it does not come to that.  

On a far, far lighter note, I have received a couple of PWEs in the past couple of days that put a smile on my face.  The first one came from an unexpected source -- Jimmy at S.Mack Talk Cards.  Jimmy is a Shane Mack super-collector.  He contacted me by e-mail when I put up my sidebar on the cards I needed to complete the basest of the 2014 Topps base sets (no short prints) and said that he had the cards I needed. The tough part was trying to find cards I had that he needed.  Thankfully, I found a couple of Opening Day mascot cards I could share with him, and we worked it out to where he sent me what I needed:  


Thank you, Jimmy, for the trade!

The other PWE came from Pat from the Hot Corner.  His note warned me that it was a "Super PWE", and that note was 100% correct!  It was all Heritage Brewers, all the time!


All of those are excellent, but the Jean Segura refractor serial numbered to 999 was definitely the best of the bunch.  All that for some purple card from Toys R Us?  Pat, you are truly amazing.

Thank you to both of you for the trades, and thanks to all of you for reading.  

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