Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Cool Oddball

My work life has got in the way a bit tonight of anything more than a cursory post.  The good thing for me is at least it is reasonably interesting work for a really high-profile client.  The bad news is that I can't say much about it because, well, it's not information that can be disclosed publicly at this time.  Maybe when it can be disclosed I'll talk about it.

So, instead, I have this oddball sheet that I don't remember getting -- whether where, when, or why.
Now, I know I have kept it in large part because it's a baseball item.  Also, it fits into my Gorman Thomas player collection, since he and Reggie Jackson shared the American League home run title in 1982 with 39 HRs each.

Like I said, though, I couldn't tell you when, where, or why I got it.  I probably got it somewhere along the way at one of the old baseball card shows I went to in Milwaukee.  I did a little poking around in the digital archives of the Milwaukee Sentinel on Google, and I know now that Ball Four Cards in Milwaukee was the one who sponsored this show.

It looks like Ball Four might still be open; I may have to look into that the next time I make it up to America's Dairyland.

If you know more about this piece -- like, why did Topps make them, did Topps make them any other year, etc. -- please comment below.



  1. According to my 2008 SCD Baseball Card Catalog, these were issued as a mail-in offer. I found my copy at the flea market last year. It's an amazing piece and definitely a cool oddball. It looks like Topps did something similar in 1982... but instead of league leaders, they had a larger sheet of 26 team (pitching/hitting) leaders.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on that, Fuji. I probably should have consulted the Gospel of Lemke prior to asking the question!