Saturday, April 5, 2014


As I mentioned yesterday, I had my fantasy baseball auction this morning.  To be honest, I really don't care all that much about fantasy baseball these days.  I don't know if that is based off caring more about cards, or if I'm just "over" the whole fantasy games.  

I mean, I have participated in fantasy baseball since 1991.  That's longer than some of the guys on my team have been alive. Yikes.

Anyway, our neighbors' daughter turned 7 today, so my wife and I went across the street and had some drinks.  That means I'm entirely uninspired today.  Thank you, Mr. Oban Scotch.

So, in lieu of providing a real post, here are the purple Toys R Us parallels I got yesterday.  If you like any of them or want any of them, let me know.

Yeah, lots of Rockies.  Hiflew, are you out there?  


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, and Oban is pretty darn good scotch too. :-)

  2. Hey cool, Rockies in their natural habitat. I'll find you something good for those three. I am quickly running out of Brewers though. LOL

    BTW, great game from your Wisconsin guys.

    1. Definitely wish that the Badgers could have won that game, to be fair. Having gone to TWO SEC schools in my life, I am not exactly a big UK basketball fan (though I have a great story about the 1993 SEC Tournament at Rupp Arena...)

      As for the Brewer stuff, you know, just send what you can when you can. I'm glad I have you as the person I can pawn off , I mean, send Rockies cards to!