Sunday, August 17, 2014

Monster Package, Round #2: The 5 Tool Collector

I mentioned yesterday that I have been getting a lot of packages from fellow bloggers.  The package I'm highlighting today is from the 5 Tool Collector -- Commishbob.  He is a blogger that I know I have never traded with before nor have I ever sent Commishbob anything.  I'm hoping to find something that he can use in one of my future trips to a card show, though, because what Bob sent my way was fantastic.

I'll break it down like I did the package yesterday -- by player collections and by team where appropriate.

Paul Molitor

David Nilsson
Nilsson was one of the first Australians really to become a big-league regular and minor star. He retired early to prepare to play in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney -- a wonderful city to visit, by the way -- and then played professionally in Italy and Australia to keep in shape and play in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. At the time he retired, he reputedly was the second-highest earning Australian sportsman behind golfer Greg Norman.
Dan Plesac

Teddy Higuera
Cecil Cooper
Yovani Gallardo

Ryan Braun

Ben Oglivie
Rickie Weeks
Other Brewers

Something Bob sent me though, that a lot of folks do not send me, were Milwaukee Braves cards.  I've mentioned in the past that I grew up as a kid with my mom telling me stories of Billy Bruton, Joe Adcock, Red Schoendienst, Frank "Catcha" Torre, Lou Burdette, and, of course, the big three of Eddie Mathews, Hank Aaron, and Warren Spahn.

So, here are the Braves cards that Bob was kind enough to send to me.

Warren Spahn

Both of these cards are 3x5/postcard sized.  The color photo is from a TCMA postcard set from 1982, and the black and white postcard is from a TCMA set called Baseball Photo Classics. Spahn is pictured with Johnny Sain, and I'm pretty sure that they are watching a Native American rain dance, sponsored by their Boston Braves team.

Eddie Mathews

These are also 3x5 postcards from those same sets as before. Eddie is joined by fellow Milwaukee Brave and PC member Joe Adcock on the black-and-white postcard.

Other Braves Postcards

On the top is Hank Aaron from that 1982 TCMA set. On the bottom is a line-up of Tommy Holmes, Ed Torgeson, Jeff Heath, Connie Ryan, and Billy Southworth in a 1948 photo (I'm good with context clues to figure that one out).

Braves Baseball cards
Bob didn't stop with postcards, either -- he also sent some regular-sized Braves cards!

Bob was kind enough to send these three 1959 Topps cards -- perhaps because of my love for the set that I expressed on the $30 a Week Vote-off to see what set Robért will be collecting next.  

All in all, this package was one of the most eclectic packages I've ever received -- with cards spanning in years from 1959 through 2013 and hitting all kinds of different player collections and needs.

Bob, thank you very much! Your kindness is appreciated -- and I will try to find something to send back to you!


  1. Hey Tony what a great group of cards-I just love the old postcards of the Braves,

  2. I too just received a package from Bob with a bunch of the TCMA postcards. Very cool pieces. Being a Boston Fan I try and grab some Boston Braves stuff when I can.