Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 10, 11, 12

After yesterday's less-than-thrilling 3 packs totaling just 13 points, I'm hoping that the next three packs -- which will mark the halfway point -- will be better.  On the positive side, I've only found one of my three box hits so far. So, I have the possibility of some good point totals ahead.  

I haven't had many Brewers at all either.  Frankly, that's more annoying than any point totals.  I mean, when the competition is all said and done, all I want to keep from this box are the Brewers and Milwaukee Braves.  And for this box so far, all I've seen for Brewers is Carlos Gomez -- whom I pulled in my other box, so I have him covered both for my player collection and my team collection.  

That's it.  

That seems to make this song appropriate:

All right, enough whining.  On to Packs 10, 11, and 12 and the halfway point total:

Pack 10:

Not bad.  Not bad.  It's a six-point pack, since each of these cards are two points.  There's a mini A&G back Mike Pereira, Evan Longoria's Pastime's Pastimes (Animal Lover), and someone else's favorite player, Freddie Freeman.


Pack 11:

Four cards have point implications in this pack, but one of them is a Yankee.  Joltin' Joe had Marilyn Monroe and was Mr. Coffee, so the attention-seeking, starlet loving ancestor to Derek Jeter is worth negative 1 point.  Otherwise, to add points, I have a two-point Wil Myers Pastime's Pastimes (social media guru...), a World's Deadliest Predator mini of the badass Cape Buffalo worth 3 points while chasing away a pride of lions, and yet another card of someone else's favorite player -- this time, Tim Lincecum -- who gets me 2 points.

All in all, that adds up to a 6-point pack.


And that could have gone better.  Let's see what pack 12 has in store:

Well, another damn skirt-chasing, ball-scuffing Yankee who's been venerated and whitewashed and whose presence in my pack takes another point away from me.  At least I still get the full two points for Shea Stadium despite the fact that the Yankees played there in the mid-1970s while the House that Ruth Built became the George Steinbrenner Ego Palace.

And, finally, a Brewer!  And it's a short-print base card, so Wily Peralta -- on the heels of his nice start on Friday night against the Cardinals -- gives me 3 points.  

So, when that's added up, it's a paltry four points.


Yeah, that halfway point total projects out to 178 points.  That isn't going to cut it if I want to compete in the overall title race. But, on the positive side, I still haven't found two of my three box hits.  Maybe those will help me out.

And, the way Wily Peralta has been pitching this year, he's starting to grow on me.  I may have to add him as a PC pretty soon.  We'll see.  


  1. If you aren't keeping the WW2 topper I'll trade for it.

    1. Which one do mean? I'm happy to send you anything you want other than Brewers or Milwaukee Braves.

    2. Ah -- yeah, absolutely. All yours, man.

  2. Cape Buffalo are bad asses-they are related to the Italian water buffalos from whom the best mozzarella comes from, mozzarella di buffalo. Whitey Ford was a player? Oh my.

  3. I'm waiting for you to pull a pirate rip card.

    1. If I do, I'm tearing that baby up faster than you can say "Hit by Pitch"!

    2. HAHA! Well when you pull a McCutchen metal card you can trade it to me!

  4. I'd love to work a deal for any unwanted mini inserts (and reg. sized inserts too)!

  5. Tony... I have some stuff for you but can't find your email address. Can you send your street addy info to me

    commishbob at gmail