Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mail Day Post: Breaking Down the Break Down

After that post-a-day week for Gint-a-Cuffs, I was happy to take a break on Friday and Saturday from the blog and, instead, just read others' posts, catch up on e-mail, and work on my continual project of organizing my Brewers.  Sometimes, I think I should change my blog name to "Organizing the Brewers." I probably would get traffic from folks thinking I was talking about craft breweries. Considering the number of different beers I have tried, perhaps I should start writing about that.

Maybe.  But not right now.

During the Gint-a-Thon here, I actually received four packages from other bloggers.  That's good, because otherwise I'd be putting up pictures of hot girls to draw web traffic. Unfortunately, the Brewers don't seem to have any female celebrity fans.  Instead, we have a really cute dog.

So, with Hank the Dog's approval, I'm turning now to the package I got a couple of weeks ago from Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown.  He and I have swapped cards a few times, and this one as far as I can remember was a "just because" package.  

First off, he sent some Archives Brewers, which helped push me nearer to completion on the Brewers for this year.  

I'm pretty sure that these complete my Archives team set.  I'm still looking for a silver parallel Robin Yount from that set, and of course I'd be happy to take any printing plates of any of the Brewers off someone's hands.  I have one each of the Greg Vaughn and Jeromy Burnitz autographs, even.  But in terms of the base cards, I'm good.

Gavin also sent four great Bowman cards that I did not have, including one of those cracked ice variations:

Gavin even sent me a sticker I needed.

On the right side of that sticker is long-time Brewer stalwart Charlie Moore. Charlie is one of my player collections in part because he was with the team for so long and -- more to the point -- he was one of the nicest, most genuine guys I've ever met.

What started all this out, I think, was that Gavin had opened some packs of this year's Allen & Ginter and had gotten a base card of Jean Segura.  I got one in the two hobby boxes I opened, but I needed two and asked Gavin if I could get Segura.  He was happy to send the card my way:

I really liked the card when I saw it.  Since this year's cards in nearly every Topps set have doubled up on photo use -- I'm sure it isn't laziness, but rather cheapness in not having to pay Getty to use different photos for all the different sets -- I paged through my Jean Segura cards to see what other card had used this photo before.  I was surprised to see that I could not find any.

Then, on Friday, I was on my way home from a morning doctor's appointment and stopped at the local Target (with the Starbucks attached) to get coffee for the day, ground coffee for the weekends, and a blaster of 2014 Topps Series 2 in my effort to collect the base set. I got home, went through the packs -- thankfully only 3 doubles in the whole blaster -- and found this insert:

I knew the idea that Topps might use a photo only once was too good to be true.

Thankfully, the cards that came from the Breakdown were real and wonderful.  Thanks, Gavin!


  1. You got it! Glad you like the cards.

    1. Definitely, Gav - with the GAC, I fell behind on mail posts. But this one was a great package. Thanks again!

  2. Gavin is always great to trade with