Monday, August 4, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI: Packs 13, 14 and 15

So, reading the early returns, I'm hopeful that it means that scoring is down this year in Gint-A-Cuffs from last year.  Of course, those early returns do not include a ruling on the Box Loader filled with the rare minis that the Cardboard Conundrum pulled, which I'm pretty sure will nearly cinch the deal for him to pull ahead of the rest of us without those.

In other words, I think I'm still just hoping that the Randomizer treats me well.  I mean, I'm halfway through my box at just 89 points.

As I've started all my posts for the GAC with music, let's do it again.  To celebrate the fact that I'm getting to Pack 15 this post, let's go with 1980s synth/Britpop and make sure you're wearing your black, all you throwback Goths:

Listen to "Little 15" by Depeche Mode a few times, and you'll think your life has become the background on these A&G Pastime's Pastimes.  Speaking of which, I haven't had one of those in a while...

All right, let's get to the cards.

Pack 13

It's a Yankee, but it's a short print Yankee in Mussina, so he's still a positive 1 point.  Throw Taipei, Taiwan -- my second Taiwanese card in this box...must be the Ginter Code (which is my explanation for literally everything and anything when opening packs of this) -- for 2 points, Omar Vizquel being someone's favorite player for another 2 points, and a mini Magellan for 3 points, and this pack hits a big 8 points overall.  That's a sturdy number for a pack without a hit.


Pack 14

Can the box keep its momentum after that pack?

It's not the worst I've ever seen, if you know what I mean.  I've got the Sailing Stones of Racetrack Playa -- don't hate la playa, hate el partido -- which is 2 points (and I should be careful I don't lose points for bad puns in Spanish).  The Polar Vortex chilled out America in January, with even Atlanta hitting 6 degrees for a low, but it's a short print so I still get 2 points for it.  Finally, Aroldis Chapman is a simple A&G back mini -- another 2 points.  So, that's 6 points for the pack, which pushes me over 100 for the tournament/box.


Pack 15
It's Little 15.  The lyrics say that little 15 "wants a nice surprise every once in a while."  Maybe I'll get a nice surprise here.  I'm due -- I still have two hits to go, after all:


Adam Wainwright is not on the favorite players list, but he is a Pastime's Pastime card worth 2 points.  Freddie Freeman is a favorite player (thank you, Card Hobbyist!), so the 8 points I get for a Full-SIze Relic gets multiplied by 1.7 for 13.6 points.  So, little 15 is worth 15.6 points.


It certainly could be better for me -- no book card, no mini relic, nothing fun like that -- but at least I got the multiplier for Freddie.  

As a side, personal note, I have plowed through my cards through 1984 now, so my want lists through 1984 are updated.  If you have some Fleer from 1984 forward, I think I needed it.  I have sets that I am loathe to break, and I would need additional cards for PCs in any case.  So, I'm leaving the sets alone and trying to collect the cards I need.  If you have some, let me know.

Thanks for reading, and may all of you Gint-A-Cuffs competitors pull plenty of Yankee relics.

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  1. I pulled a Freeman relic too! I can't recall what pack it is from since I haven't posted it yet. I am thinking of buying another box and conducting an unofficial GAC if I have close to the worst box.