Thursday, August 21, 2014

A PWE from the Hot Corner

I hereby interrupt the "here's a massive stack of cards I got" posts to bring you a "here's two cards I got in a plain white envelope" post.

It's Thursday evening. I am speaking to a group of architects in the morning and generally otherwise skipping out of going to work.  I'm in a good mood.  Well, except for having to replace an HVAC unit in my house...which also is tomorrow. But now, I'm just complaining.

Here's a song appropriate for being plain and white:

Now, on to the post. Pat from Hot Corner Cards sent me a two card PWE last week that had two cards I needed for my collections.  One is a Brewers parallel of Travis Ishikawa -- which means that I have gotten both the Target and the Gold parallels from fellow bloggers in the space of a week:

Granted, #45 in my mind is always Rob Deer until someone supplants him, but it's pretty cool to have gotten both of those parallels in rapid succession.

The other card Pat sent to me went directly into a player collection:

That Gypsy Queen mini of Jean Segura matches the mini-OBP that Segura has had this year. It's been a tough year for him -- he's struggled at the plate and, more tragically, his nine-month old son died just before the All-Star break this year.  Hopefully, his struggles were caused by those off-field issues and next year will be better.  Lord knows I'd struggle at my job if something similar happened to me.

Thank you, Pat, for the PWE.  I'm putting together a much larger package in return for your Brewers from the "team box break" post you had.   

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  1. It's amazing Segura can even play at all. I'm sure the offseason can't come quick enough for him.