Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Almost Heaven, West Virginia: Another Bob Walk Production

Some time since the beginning of August, Matt at Bob Walk the Plank sent me a package of Brewer cards -- some serial numbered, others with fabric swatches, and others with autographs. Since Matt's a big WVU guy and in honor of their kickoff game here in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome when the Mountaineers play against Alabama (and yes, their fans really do wear hats made of Tide detergent boxes with rolls of toilet paper attached), here's the WVU fight song:

And to prove I'm not making that up about Alabama fans, here's a real photo of that phenomenon:

Nothing is more manly than a pom-pom, body paint, and toilet paper above your ears. Right, bro? My wife went to Auburn, and I went to Georgia and Vanderbilt -- so "round the bowl down the hole roll tide roll".

Anyway, to the cards! Here's a 2014 insert I needed for my Robin Yount collection:

It's the same photo as has appeared on a few other cards that Topps has issued. In other news, the sun rose in the east this morning.

Now, for the serial-numbered varietals.

This Nelson Cruz is both autographed and serial numbered (45/250).  I remember when the Brewers traded him away. They had stolen him from the Oakland Athletics for Keith Ginter. Then, when they decided to try to get something in exchange for Carlos Lee other than a draft pick, they had to add Cruz to the deal -- I suppose to make sure they got Laynce Nix.  The whole trade was Cruz and Lee for Nix, Kevin Mench, Francisco Cordero, and a minor league pitcher. Not the Brewers best trade, to be honest.

This big Prince is a parallel to another card I have already. But, I didn't have this parallel as it is serial numbered 40 out of 99.

Trevor Hoffman racked up his 600th save as a Brewer. This red parallel from 2011 is serial numbered 126 of 245.

Finally, Matt also sent me some relics:

Big Ben Sheets with a swatch of white fabric. I like the photo of Sheets, and I can see why game-worn jersey relics are so passe these days. 

Rickie Weeks with short hair and a white piece of fabric.  I'm not sure why the stadium behind Weeks couldn't have been personalized to be Miller Park, though.   

Bat and jersey relics are great additions to my player collections. Otherwise, they tend to be less than inspiring.  This bat relic, though, is pretty cool. I appreciate that SP/Upper Deck took the time to add the Milwaukee logo to the relic. It actually makes the relic feel a bit more special.

Matt, I like these cards a lot. My snarkiness is in overdrive today, but these cards are awesome and are much appreciated.  Thank you very much, and hopefully I can send you more Buccos soon.  

Could you beat the Cardinals a couple of times, though? 


  1. Matt always has some great stuff

  2. Nice post! I had forgotten that Cruz was a Brewer. I'm waiting for a really cool card to come in the mail that I purchased with you in mind. My hope it comes in the next few days before I leave town so I can ship it off to you.

    1. Update! We did beat the Cards. While I hope we can win this afternoon the pitching matchup of Jeff Locke vs Adam Wainwright leaves me less than optimistic.

  3. Cordero was with the Red Sox in Spring Training this year, but was released before the season started.
    Nice group of cards by the way.