Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mailday Post: Robért Went to the National Convention

I have another shorter post for tonight, and then I will try to get to the four massive packages that I have been scanning diligently over the past week.  I love the huge packages, but they do take some time to sort through, don't they?

I'm not complaining, though. It beats the alternative -- nothing.

Some drivin n cryin from 1986 there.  A little throwback to what I listened to a lot a few years later when I was in college.

So, on a far more upbeat theme, Robért from $30 a Week Habit went to Cleveland for the National Collectors Convention this year.  

I wanted to go since I've never been to Cleveland, and there really aren't that many things that would give me such a compelling reason to go there as the NCC -- but I didn't get there. I think I'll save up for Chicago/Rosemont next year and use it as an opportunity to visit my mom up in Wisconsin.

Robért went to the National with a Plan and told us about it. I did not see a category on there for "randomly buy Brewers cards" but, once again, I'm not complaining.  Maybe it was out of pity, but he bought three cards and sent them to me with the following note:

So, part of the National did make it to me!  Here's what Robért was kind enough to send:

I really like the cracked ice (or whatever it was called last year by Topps) Chrome of Ryan Braun. Heck, I really like all three of these cards.  The Gallardo white fabric swatch from Gypsy Queen is just cool, and the serial numbered Braun from the Museum Collection from this year is just icing on the cake.

Thank you very much once again, Robért -- you've outdone yourself.  I definitely need to send you a package again soon.


  1. Nice cards. I haven't been pulling any Brewers. I am actually pulling Mets stuff.

  2. The Museum Collection card of Braun is probably the only card I've ever seen from that set.

    Glad they arrived safely, and are in good hands now as well!!

    Each time I see one of my handwritten index cards, I just cringe at how bad the penmanship is. Good thing I get to type the blog out each night...

  3. I have a trade post going up for Robert this week as well. He has been a busy man.