Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monster Packages, Round #1: Swing & A Pop-Up

I've been back into collecting for about 8 months now, and I've been blogging about it for a little over 6 months. At first, I was reticent to trade, in part because I had the normal hesitations about whether trades were "fair," whether I had any cards anyone would want, and whether I could trust people I had never met and who did not know me.

Once I got past those concerns, I started taking a far more laissez-faire approach to trading. All I care about now is getting cards I needed for my Brewers team and player collections. In many respects, though, I really have not been "trading" with people lately. Really, it's been people sending me cards without me having sent anything to them and vice versa.

Today's post -- and the next several -- are packages from fellow bloggers. For a couple of them, I'm 100% sure that I have not sent anything to them. For others, I don't know if the package I received was in return for something I sent or not.

I guess another improvement I need is better record keeping.

At any rate, while watching a very disappointing start to the Premier League season for Manchester United, I thought I had better start getting some posts put up to catch up on all these large packages I've received lately.

This first one came from Bert from Swing & Pop Up Boston.  The package was accompanied by a note saying that Bert had gone through my want lists (and, yes, there's another thing I need to keep plowing through...I mean, I'm only about 27 years away from getting to the present date at this point) and found a number of cards from the late 1970s and early 1980s that I needed and he had.

So, here's what Bert sent:

Mike Caldwell

Don Money

Cecil Cooper

Gorman Thomas

Jim Gantner

Jim Slaton

Charlie Moore

Ted Simmons
Moose Haas
Bob McClure
Ben Oglivie
Robin Yount
Gary Carter
Non-player-collection Brewers

As I broke down the cards into the various player collections I have, I came to the realization that I collect a bunch of players.  I mean, nearly half of the members of the 1982 Brewers are "player collections" -- and I don't even include the two Cy Young Award winners and one MVP in Pete Vuckovich and Rollie Fingers as player collections.  

But, those guys -- Thomas, Cooper, Oglivie, Simmons, Yount, Molitor -- were my favorite players. Okay, maybe Jerry Augustine wasn't a favorite player but he made some many appearances and spent so many years with his hometown team that I really felt like I wanted to "honor" that.

Thanks again to Bert for the great package of early 1980s cards. It surprised me how many cards from the 1980s I actually need -- and this package put a nice dent in that hole.


  1. Flash back to my teenage years-I will never forget being in my local store and seeing cello packs of the 82 Topps

  2. Seeing these makes me really regret that I simply dumped box after box of 80s and 90s commons. I never thought that some day there would be a way to make them useful to someone else. Nice haul.

    1. I probably would have done the same had my mom not stashed my cards in her attic. Seriously.

  3. Keep putting up your want lists and I'll do my best to knock them out for ya.

  4. As you know, I've also just gotten back on the wagon...and I'm surprised by the generosity of so many people in the blogging sphere. It's amazing. I'm still learning how all of this works, but I can't wait to work out some trades !