Friday, August 1, 2014

Gint-A-Cuffs VI, Part II: Packs 4-6

My box of Allen & Ginter started inauspiciously, but a couple of packs helped it to recover right away to be a really good start to the GAC competition. On the downside, I've already found one box hit in the very first pack, and my box loader was as uninspiring as it gets short of being a Yankee. 

I come into this post with a very respectable 43 points.  Let's see what I can add to that total.

Pack 4:

It's not a great pack for the Hiatus team, but it could have been worse.  First off, we have one of the generic full-size inserts from the Natural Wonders series, the Moeraki Boulders (which I have now learned are spherical, hollow boulders formed by calcite combining with sedimentation to create a natural cement-like -- and almost perfectly round -- boulders along the coast of New Zealand).  That interesting formation is worth 2 points to me.  

The other card is my first Yankee, Ivan Nova.  Normally, that would mean "negative one" but Nova is a short print.  Therefore, his card is still worth a point despite his general Yankee-ness.  He still drags the pack down to just 3 points.


After that pack, I'm hoping for a rebound.  

Pack 5:

That's not too bad.  

We start off with Carlos Gomez, one of my favorite current Brewers who I'm sure would probably annoy the hell out of me if he weren't a Brewer.  Since he is, I get 1 point.  Next, I have a Jason Grilli Short Print, and his smiling face is hidden to display what really matters to us here -- the 2 points for the short print.  

Then, the pack racks up another 2 points for the Giant's Causeway, an incredibly cool rock formation that I'd like to see someday -- perhaps as a part of this Viator tour that combines a whiskey tasting at the famous Old Bushmills Distillery with going to the rocks.

Finally, I get one of the 1 in 5 packs "Larger than Life" mini of Johnny Appleseed.  I'm not sure where his seeds are, but this card gave me 3 points and a total of 8 points for the pack.


Yes, that was better.  Much better.  One more pack, and that will be the end of this post. Let's see what's inside:

And Ivan Nova's ugly head rears again, this time in short-printed mini form.  It's a normal type -- no other accoutrements -- so it's +3 for the short-print mini and -1 for the Yankee to net 2 points.  

Otherwise, it's a short-print full-sized Harmon Killebrew for 2 points and a full-sized insert of Buenos Aires.  My wife and I considered going to Buenos Aires for our honeymoon a few years ago; we decided instead to go to Spain.  But that said, I've heard great things and awful things about the city -- they love steak and meat (great!) and they have bad crime problems in which tourists regularly are targeted (awful!) -- so we chose to go elsewhere.  

Anyway, Buenos Aires here is a 2-point card, which brings the pack total to 6 points.


If I could keep up this pace, I'd be on track for a very good box score.  I doubt that that will happen, but I can hope.

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