Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hot Weekend, Hot PWE: Starting Nine

I mentioned in my last post -- well, I complained in my last post -- that we are having to replace one of our HVAC units. The guys came yesterday to do the work. The problem was that it was so hot here in Atlanta yesterday -- mid-90s and with humidity that made it feel like it was over 100 degrees.

The real problem is that the unit being replaced is our upstairs unit in the attic/crawl space above our upstairs bedrooms. That meant that the work was attempted to be carried out in temperatures probably reaching into the 135 to 145 degree range.  In other words, even with two guys, some of the work could not be completed for fear of them passing out from heat exhaustion.  So, that means a short post today while it's still cool in my card room/office -- which is on that upstairs level -- and hopefully, tomorrow, the AC will be fixed early enough so that I might be able to keep trying to catch up with all the mail I've gotten lately.

A short post today, though, to thank Max at Starting Nine for a small trade we made. A few weeks ago, I posted the contents of the hobby box of Topps Archives that I bought. In that box, one of my inserts was a deckle-edge John Olerud.  Max and I worked out a trade for him to get the Metropolitan-attired Olerud and for me to get a Robin Yount card in return.  As it turned out, Max actually sent me two Younts, both of which I needed for my Yount collection:

1992 Mr. Turkey Superstar

2003 Topps Tribute
With these two cards, my Robin Yount collection has now reached 600 items.  If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would hit that number before September, I might have laughed or cried.  I would have laughed for its implausibility, but I might have cried for the amount of money I probably spent getting there!

In any case, these two cards are great additions to the Yount collection.  Many thanks, Max, for the quick and easy trade. You'll be getting that Olerud soon!


  1. Congrats on the Yount milestone.

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    1. Thankfully we have *some* AC -- but sleeping in the basement on an air mattress isn't exactly a fun thing.