Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Little Trade With My Cardboard Habit

Judson from My Cardboard Habit and I both recently and unsuccessfully competed in the Gint-A-Cuff box opening competition.  I say unsuccessfully because I'm pretty sure that there's only one box being given out this year from Topps and I'm nowhere near number one. While Judson is nearer to the top than me, he too has been outpaced by the Design on Deck juggernaut.

In the course of the GAC competition, though, I bought two boxes of A&G hobby. On opening the first one, I pulled some Creighton basketball player on a full-sized card that impressed me more than getting a piece of Adam Schefter's dress shirt but less than getting a Freddie Freeman white swatch.  

Since I couldn't care less about "Dougie Fresh" but in the interest of curiosity I asked the question at GAC as to how many points that would be.  The Commissioner refused to engage in a hypothetical discussion -- leading me to believe that Mark Aubrey would be a better federal judge than Kenesaw Mountain Landis was -- but the question led Judson to shriek like a teenaged girl from the 1960s watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

Thankfully, that shriek could only be heard in Texas, Oklahoma, and parts of Louisiana, so I was spared. However, in more measured tones, Judson asked whether he could trade for it.  I was more than happy to trade it away -- eBay sales be damned -- and, in return, I got two fantastic Brewers cards for my collection:

I know -- it's a cream-colored swatch of fabric of undetermined origin. But it's implanted inside a card of the Mighty Mexican Yovani Gallardo. That makes it worthwhile already.

Topps certifies that Ryan Braun signed this card in their presence, so that is an even more awesome card than just a swatch of fabric. 

In all seriousness, these two cards are more than enough in my opinion to get in return for a Dougie Fresh card from A&G.  Judson, thank you very much for the trade, and enjoy the Creighton Blue Jay autograph!


  1. Glad you got some cards you wanted. The Dougie Fresh was a weird auto to put in A&G. I keep searching for the Bourdain, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  2. Wish the Sixers took McDermott, He's going to be good on the Bulls, regardless nice trade very fair.