Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Monster Package #4: Angels, In Order

This is the fourth installment in my "Monster Package" series.  This package came to me from The Angels, In Order. Only a few days after commenting for the first time on my blog, I got an e-mail saying that Tom wanted to send me some cards.  It turned out to be dozens of cards -- oddballs, major releases, inserts, minis, parallels...even some Brewers Police cards.  

These "here are the cards" posts are a lot of photos, so bear with me. Because, well, here are the cards.

Paul Molitor
A couple of those garish Classic Baseball cards from the early 1990s and a Stadium Club All-Star card. There were a bunch of these Classic cards, but they hurt my eyes so much that I'll only show the cards that go into player collections (and, this way, I don't have to show Gary Sheffield again)!

Ted Higuera

Greg Vaughn

B.J. Surhoff

Rob Deer
Big Rob Deer came from the Giants in a trade in 1986. He immediately hit 33 HR that year, along with 72 walks and 179 strikeouts -- the patron saint of the three true outcomes. He excited Brewers fans as possibly being the ideological equivalent to Gorman Thomas. But when his OBP started dipping dangerously close to .300, the Brewers let him go to Detroit as a free agent. There, he excited crowds by hitting 25 homeruns and tallying just 55 other hits all year in 448 at bats for a pathetic .179 AVG. Sure, his OBP was still near .320, but everyone noticed the AVG...and the sub-.400 SLG as well. But, he was what he was -- TTO all the way.

Robin Yount

I already had this blue one, but oddly enough, the Fleer Baseball MVP card was new to my collection and pushed my total Yount card collection to 597.

Dan Plesac

Ryan Braun

 Wait -- recycled photos? Man the battle stations!

This is a Mini!

Jonathan Lucroy

Prince Fielder

Jeromy Burnitz

Geoff Jenkins

Dave Nilsson

Ben Sheets
Rickie Weeks

There are a ton of other cards that Tom sent to me as well, but this post is getting pretty long already, so how about I go with "The Best of the Rest"

Tony Plush

Quickly becoming a favorite


The Massive Richie Sexson

Another Brewer Steroid user...sheesh

A 2012 Safety card

Many thanks go out to Tom, the great blogger at Angels, In Order for this fantastic, massive stack of cards!  And guess what? There are still more stacks to come!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Good Stuff Man. I love Higueras follow through on the 88 Fleer Record Setters. Oldschool.

  2. Great bunch of cards! Tom is a good guy.