Monday, August 18, 2014

Monster Package, Round #3: Supersize those Nachos

Today's mega-package post came courtesy of Chris and the Nachos Grande blog. Chris puts more time and effort into blogging than I do, certainly. I mean, he's got his own signature card, after all:

It's a Topps Certified Autograph!
His posts are like clockwork -- every day, 8 AM, I can count on reading a Nachos Grande post with my morning coffee -- usually just before or just after I check out the Japanese girls on Ryan's blog, This Card Is Cool. I'm much more sporadic. Sometimes I have the inspiration to churn out 1500 words about Brad Havens, and other times I barely have the patience or inclination to write 50 words about a PWE.  

Chris was a participant this year in Gint-A-Cuffs, and he pulled a Paul Molitor from his boxes where I failed to do so.  I'm still looking for a Robin Yount -- a non-short-print base card -- but Chris hooked me up with a bunch of Brewers that I needed. 

Going by player collection order and then the catch-all category, again, because that's the easiest way for me to post them:

Cal Eldred
Jose Valentin
Paul Molitor

2012 60 years of Topps Original Back

Ryan Braun

David Nilsson

Jeff Cirillo

Jim Gantner

Greg Vaughn

I think that is my first ever Bowman's Best for my collection.

B.J. Surhoff
Teddy Higuera
Bill Wegman
Carlos Gomez

Corey Hart
Prince Fielder
This one is a custom-made A&G mini for big Prince. It's an odd card too -- even for a custom. It lists the set date as 2008, yet Prince is in his post-season sweatshirt from 2013 and the back of the card lists him as a Tiger. I'm torn about including it in the big man's cards, but it's a custom-made card so into the Fielder collection it goes.
Yovani Gallardo

Jean Segura
An A&G 2014 Mini to close out the PCs:

The Rest of the Brewers
Here's the rest of the Brewers that Chris sent to me. I asked for 2011 Topps from him because I had very few.  Thanks to this package, I've got a bunch more now!

Another Custom Mini!

There are some interesting faces and names in that group. Trevor Hoffman as a Brewer is sort of like Marquis Grissom -- I never remember that he played in Milwaukee, and a card of him as a Brewer somehow seems wrong. There were a few #1 picks in there -- Antone Williamson, Bill Spiers, and Jeff D'Amico. And, there were a few award winners too -- Pat Listach (1992 AL Rookie of the Year), CC Sabathia (2007 AL Cy Young), Zack Greinke (2009 AL Cy Young), and Hoffman (1998 NL Relief Man of the Year).  Seeing Jerry "Rolls" Reuss in all that shocking red 1990 Donruss glory reminded me that he, too, picked up some Selig paychecks.  Finally, nothing like a Juan Nieves card to remind me of the first-ever Brewers no-hitter (against Baltimore in April of 1987) and the Brewers 13-0 start to the 1987 season.

Chris, thank you very much for the package. I hope that the cards that I sent to you are ones that you need!


  1. Love the customs! Especially the Sabathia.

  2. That Dave Nilsson is pretty sweet.