Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Winning stuff? Really? This Doesn't Happen Often to Me

I usually do not win stuff. Trust me on this.

But, today alone, I won not one but two different prizes on the intertubes.

First, big time thanks to JediJeff at 2 by 3 Heroes because I was lucky enough through the random number generator to win this super cool Paul LoDuca autographed Hometown Heroes Card:

Many thanks to JediJeff for the contest and congratulations on the two-year anniversary!

Then, this afternoon, I was checking in on Facebook and happened to see this post from Bowman:

And, as a result, I will be the owner of one of these autographed Bowman Chrome cards of up-and-coming Padres starter Matt Wisler:

So, that's pretty cool too.

Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket tonight...


  1. Congrats! Though I can"t figure what some one is doing to his head.

  2. Congrats. I think I need to like Bowman on FB and get in on that sweet free auto card action!

  3. Congrats! It is always fun too win some free cardboard.

  4. Congrats. Nice Lo Duca Auto. Some of those Cooperstown inserts I'm not a huge fan of but the Autos have a nice design.