Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tales from the Repack, Part II

So, what else could these $4 packages of gold provide?  I mean, I got plenty of Hall of Famers, so what more could I ask for?

Well, each of these new repacks also came with Topps Chrome Orange on the front.  So, here are the 5 Orange Chrome cards I got:

A couple of Braves (though I wish Beachy didn't have to visit the Tommy-John doctor again) and some other very nice Chrome Oranges.  It's fun seeing these on the front of the repacks, because these cards still have a good audience looking for them.

Then, there was the random vintage cards.  I had a pretty decent number of 1976 Topps again.

And, for my tastes, what's better than two vintage Brewers?  I mean, I can only have dreams about having sideburns as cool as Pedro Garcia has in this photo.  Then, to get a Rico Petrocelli card?  I mean, Rico left the game early --- at age 33 -- but he was the prototype for the good hitting shortstop.  He hit 40 homers in 1969 (and only drove in 97 runs!) and was an all-star twice in his career.  He isn't a Hall of Famer, but he was a star in his day.  A great card to grab.

Finally, let's close with random fun cards that are the type that make card collecting fun.

My wife wants to frame this next to the JFK card.

A golden shower...

I have five of these.  Each repack had one.

Randomly inserted -- not in one of the packs.  Hmmm...

Yes, repacks are now carrying some of the inserts in them.  This one is humorous.
Dan Uggla would some day like to learn to hit 1/2 as well as Ryne Sandberg.

Weird.  Just weird.

Again, another repack loose card thrown in with the 1989 Topps.  

One of the worst colored cards I have ever seen.  Never, ever use purple/violet/mauve
for a card design.  It is horribly ugly.

That's the end of the repack fun for this week.  I know I will buy more. 


  1. What is that Ichiro card? Short print? Team issue card?

    1. It is apparently from a "Back to School" set from 2008 that was available only at Target. Here is where I got that information: