Saturday, March 15, 2014

eBay Wins and Losses

A Robin Yount collector from Oregon has been selling off parts of his Yount collection on eBay recently.  It takes everything I have in me not to bid on everything and try to win everything.  I won a pretty good number of items, though I did not get any of the "White Whale" relics.  Those relics rocketed past $150 each, so I didn't go there.  But, here are some of my wins from those Yount auctions:

1979 Hostess L-shaped Panel

1975 Hostess Panel

1976 Holiday Inn MSA Disc

1991 Cadaco Disc

1994 Ameritech Calling Card given out at the game at which Yount's jersey was retired in 1994,
Serial numbered 40614 of 63000 (see, it's rare!!)

2004 Topps Relic 

2004 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game FG-100, numbered 20/29

2001 Topps Hit Parade Relic

2003 Leaf /Donruss Trademark Threads, numbered 11/19

1992 ACE Novelty Pin (hey, it was $1!)
I also got a Gary Carter card which isn't in the greatest condition, but I didn't have it before and it is a complete panel Twinkie card:

Two more items -- and yes, I told you, I spent too much money on eBay lately!

First, this is one I hinted at yesterday.  It's a set issued by McDonald's in 1970, though it does not have a McDonald's logo on it.  I was able to buy four of the six uncut sheets in the set, so now I'm on the lookout for the other two sheets.  

Here's one of the sheets.  It's a little bigger than my scanner can handle, so please excuse the cutoff photos.

Finally, I purchased the complete set of 1976 photos of the Brewers team that the A&P grocery store issued.  Here are the two major stars in the set: Robin Yount and Hank Aaron.

This last set shows what a good design without a license can look like -- get the guys to take off their hats and make the set a portrait set!  It helps kids to identify their favorite players too!
I also bought several boxes of unopened cards -- one off eBay of the Series 2 1991 Stadium Club and the remainder from DA Card World.  Oh, and then there were the mass of unopened packs and the repacks that my wife insisted I buy when we went to Target this past week -- she insisted I buy them because she wanted me to have plenty of work in sorting and opening so that I wouldn't buy any more!

It worked -- I've only "bought" one thing since then, and I got it using credit from selling on eBay.  

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  1. You had me at uncut Hostess panels. Very cool pickups!