Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Five-Star Acquisition, Brewers Police Cards Made it to Idaho, and a Box Break Delivery

Another day, another mail delivery.  I think my wife is thinking I've taken out a second mortgage on the house to buy cards.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Today's mail brought me three different packages of goodness in different sizes.  I had a padded envelope for a purchase from the four-color auction marketplace for a Ryan Braun 2013 Topps Five-Star card. 

This purchase was a basic lesson in working the system on eBay.  This card was available in a fixed price sale at the same time that an auction was ongoing.  So, of course, I set my maximum bid for the auction slightly less than the amount this one cost.  When the auction blew past the fixed price sale, I immediately grabbed this card. I'd say that I feel smart for doing that, but I'm horrible about both impulse buying and about trying too hard to win auctions on eBay.  To be calculating and cautious was a good change.

The second delivery was a PWE from Idaho -- the Card Chop delivered again.  Somehow, three cards from the Brewers Franklin Police Department and Franklin Noon Lions Club (and yes, there are at least two different Lions Clubs in Franklin, I just learned) set made their way out to The Chop Keeper, and he was kind enough to shuffle them my way.  Here's Rickie Weeks to lend advice to kids:

That's right Rickie, be good.  Deeply profound words from the sometimes second baseman.  Thanks a bunch, Chop Keeper!

Finally, a mailer box arrived from Nachos Grande with the booty from the recent group box break he ran, the 2011 Allen & Ginter set I bought with my three slots, and some extra Brewers that Chris was kind enough to throw in.  While I would have loved to have had the Brewers for that break (hey Quarryman, I'm looking at you!), I was pleased to get some nice cards for all three of the teams I selected. 

First, from the Twins, what's better than a Hall of Famer showing up in your box?

Well, Blue Jays fans, don't feel left out -- a Hall of Famer showed up in the break in your uniform as well:

While there weren't any current Hall of Famers in the Diamondbacks group, one excellent player appeared often -- a guy who is, in my opinion, a Hall of Fame certainty so long as there aren't any PED revelations coming down the pike on him: Randy Johnson.

You gotta love the flying mullet. 

Finally, while I did not have the Brewers in my break, I still got a Brewer...tagging Luis Gonzalez out, it appears!

Hi there, Jeff Cirillo.

Thanks again to Chris for running the box break -- I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to getting involved in a few more of those.

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