Thursday, March 6, 2014

Broken Record Day...eBay and trade...

It's not fair to my acquisitions today to say that it's just another day with a trade and an eBay purchase, but that's what came in the mail today.

First, the purchase.  I am hopeful that the Brewers have solidified their shortstop position by trading for Jean Segura.  Yes, he was an all-star last year, but his second trip through the league was not exactly a resounding success.  So, I'm concerned that I may be chasing cards for a guy that won't make it past year four with the Brewers.  That said, this 2014 Topps Tribute card -- signed on card -- is very pink.  And I really like it:

It is serial number 4 of 45, so at least there is some scarcity as well.  I got it for a decent price too.

The other envelope to find its way to me today came from Staten Island.  In response to my Turkey Red post, prolific trader Zippy Zappy of Cervin' Up Cards reached out to me and offered me a trade for a few of those cards.  Two of the items he offered to me were items that -- no surprise -- I had never heard of but about which ZZ is very knowledgeable and quick to explain: the Japanese Topps Sega Gen cards used to play a baseball video game in Japan.  I read up on them and, after some initial reticence which was satisfied and then some by the available resources on the internet, I agreed to the trade.

I'm very glad I did.  ZZ sent me two of those Sega cards -- Rickie Weeks and Ryan Braun, both of which will find their ways into my newly being organized collections for each:

Despite appearances, the corners on these cards are intentionally rounded for inserting into the game console in the arcades.  And these cards are just cool.  Really cool.

But ZZ wasn't done there.  I also got a mid-1980s Topps Traded set surprise in the guise of later pitching coach Ray Burris:

Also making an appearance in his 2013 Topps camouflage bordered card numbered 72/99 is former Brewer and current Royal Norichika Aoki:

Nori is just happy to be shown where home plate is, I think.

Aoki was traded to Kansas City due to the late season emergence of another Brewers outfielder whose name reminded me of the 1980s movie Krush Groove -- of course, I'm talking about Khris Davis -- whose 2011 autographed Bowman caught the ferry off Staten Island:

All in all, I have to admit that I was blown away by the generosity shown once again by a fellow card blogger.  In my short time here as a blogger making trades, I am  overwhelmed consistently by the outpouring of fun, interesting cards in return for a few items that I have.  

I'm still feeling very disorganized and unorganized in my collecting at this point, and I don't know you guys well enough to know what to send to each of you.  I'm getting there, though.  I hope that you all continue offering me trades, and I'll do the same.  And, I am also starting to get a handle on things enough to see when people need what I have -- so I'm going to try to mail stuff out to people unsolicited as well. 

Thanks to all of you for a great first month back in card collecting -- here's to many more years of fun.

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