Monday, March 3, 2014


I swapped some cards with Cards from the Quarry over the past week, and my package from the Quarry was waiting for me when I got home from work today.  And was it just packed with great stuff!

First and foremost to me, I got to add a couple of great cards/items to my Robin Yount collection.  One of them was very much a surprise -- a 1985 Topps "Scratch off" that, when going through my collection this past weekend, I thought to myself, "what in the h*ll is that?  I don't even remember that being mentioned in hobby magazines in 1985."

The "scratch off"

The Quarry-pack also filled my need for the awesome looking 1972 mini of Robin Yount from last year.  If I haven't mentioned this before, I'm going to mention this now -- I want to put this set together.  It is just a great looking card.
If the package had included only those two card, then it would have been a great envelope.  But there were nearly FIFTY more cards in the envelope -- including some Milwaukee Braves guys like Eddie Mathews and Warren Spahn along with Milwaukee legend Hank Aaron.

Here's a sampling -- Brewers old and new.


A special mention needs to be made about one of the cards.  It's a little "old Gold", so to speak:
This is a great 1994 Topps Gold insert of Jesse Orosco.  At the time, Orosco had just finished up his 2nd year with the Brewers, his 14th season in the majors, and would turn 37 on April 21 of 1994.  He had made 714 appearances as well.  By all indications, a great career.

Orosco pitched another 10 seasons after this card was made and appeared in 541 more games after that, finally finishing his career with the Minnesota Twins at age 46 in 2003.  To be fair, he was crap in 2003 -- he pitched for three different teams (San Diego, the Yankees, and the Twins) and racked up a 2-2 record, a 7.68 ERA, and a 1.824 WHIP.  But, dear Lord, Jesse struck out 7.7 batters per nine innings at the age of 46!

Thank you very much, Cards from the Quarry -- I owe you big time after this trade, because you sent me a lot more cooler stuff than I could ever have sent to you!


  1. I figured you would like that Scratch Off. I definitely wanted to keep that one quiet just to see if you identify it. This was a trade/welcome to the blogosphere package so don't fret over owing anything on this one. Just keep your eyes open for some cool Rockies for me in the future.

  2. Love that Tony Pena is on that card as well. I've dug up a few Brewers items. Shoot me your email address and I'll send you a package.