Thursday, March 27, 2014

Completed Trade with The Chronicles of Fuji

I grew up a half hour outside of Milwaukee, and I am still a huge Green Bay Packers fan.  Yet, I really don't care too much for football cards.  I mean, don't get me wrong -- one of the coolest things I have in my collection is the Brett Favre Stadium Club rookie that one of my college friends gave me, saying, "Hold on to this card, dude -- he is a great QB and you'll be glad you have it."  I've kept it, and I know it has some value, but the story makes me keep it as much as any dollar figure it might be worth.

San Jose Fuji's parents, despite being native Hawaiians, met in college in Wisconsin, and Fuji wisely chose to cheer for the Green Bay Packers as a result.  So, when I told him I had a police set from 1984 with BUCKY SCRIBNER in it, Fuji couldn't resist trading for it.

The Brewers cards that came from San Jose to the ATL were well worth the Packers set.

Let's start with the card that has the most value of any in this package:

Look at that beauty!  And it's an autographed insert as well! On card and everything.  That was the first card out of the package, and it put a big smile on my face.  When I come up with anything remotely as cool as this to include as my "calling card" in trades, I am absolutely going to get them made.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

There were Brewers cards in the package too which, after getting an autographed Fuji, were a bit of a let down.  Yeah, they go into the player collections or the Brewers binders (still in progress), but they are not Fujis.

Let's start with the Younts:

2002 Topps Gallery Heritage GH-RY
1992 Topps Gold Winner

I needed both of those, so they are greatly appreciated.  Then, we have the addition to the Paul Molitor collection:
2001 Topps
Next, 2 Geoff Jenkins to add to that collection:

Some Prince Fielder:

Big Richie Sexson:

Ben Sheets, with whom the question always was "What if he could have stayed healthy?"

With Richie Sexson

Jeff Cirillo -- including an Upper Deck Black Diamond numbered 538/1500 and a Bowman Chrome!

A few guys whom I never remembered playing or whom I simply forgot played with Milwaukee:
Michael Brantley.  Don't remember him
Dionys Cesar, who never made the big leagues and probably got this card to underscore the
pathetic drafts that Bud Selig oversaw in the late 1990s
Devon White.  I certainly remember him, but I did not remember his roaming around the
outfield in 2001 for Milwaukee in his final Major League season
Okay, three more guys I definitely remember, all on cards I definitely needed:

Greg Vaughn
Tony Gwynn Jr.
Ron Belliard

Finally, the climax.  Other than the Fuji insert, the two most excellent cards in the package were these two -- a relic and an on-card autograph:

Big goofy looking Corey Hart on a little, tiny 2012 Allen & Ginter Relic
Bill Hall
All in all, that was one excellent envelope of cards, Fuji.  Many thanks for your kindness.  Let's do it again soon!

Thanks Fuji!


  1. Nice cards!

    I have a decent amount of Brewer stuff if you want to trade. Shoot me an email.

  2. Thanks for offering to part ways with that Packers set! I promise to take care of it and keep it safe ;-)