Sunday, February 9, 2014

Who are these guys?

When I was a teenager, my mother worked in a photo processing lab factory.  Back when people used actual film to take photos, overnight service was fast.

Anyway, during that time, the lab where she worked occasionally would run across old baseball photos.  I still have a fair number of these photos, and for the most part I have no idea who these guys are.  So, I'm posting them here hoping for some help from you guys.

Here's the first one:

Trying to use context clues available, it would appear that this photo is from between 1969 to 1971 based on the hat and the jersey here.  But what is that patch on the player's left arm?  It does not appear on any of the exemplar jerseys I have seen?  And, I just don't know enough about the players of that time period to know who this might be.

Any help?


  1. that patch is the San Diego bi centennial patch from 1969. It was only worn that year. I will try and do some more sleuthing later today.

  2. Rod -- thanks for taking a look. Like I said, I'm befuddled by this one and really do not have any idea who this player is.

  3. Check out this link. I posted in on Gaslampball and he was identified as John Sipin. Played in SD in 69 and then went to Japan for many years.

    1. Rod -- many, many thanks for chasing this down. Check out my update that I just posted, and send me an email ( (at) with your address so I can send you a thank you gift!