Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday's Strange Set from the 1980s

My affinity for the random small set, whether issued by Topps, MSA, Fleer, or otherwise, is great.  Perhaps it is because I would buy at least one pack of literally anything I came across in stores that was baseball related.  Whether it was the Kellogg's cereal boxes with cards in them, Hostess Twinkies with cards on the bottom, or just a random Topps test issue I happened across, I would buy them if I could.

That's a long way to at least explain why I would still have some of the most useless "cards" ever made: the 1983 Topps Baseball Foldouts.

What Ben Oglivie had to do with any of these "sets", I haven't the foggiest of ideas.

The horrible airbrushing job Topps did to give Joe Morgan a Phillies hat is worth the price of admission.  
As one blogger noted about this set, if you got one box of twenty "packs" of this set, you might have four complete sets of the five card groups in question.  Each of the career leader sets had 17 "cards" in them -- most back-to-back with one another with one backed up to the "foldout" front.  I'm not sure why anyone would separate these photos out and call them "cards", but some folks have -- there are eBay auctions now selling individual photos from these sets.

At any rate, I actually like these sets because the photos are so large and are really good photos to remind us that people in 1982 and 1983 believed that bubble perms on white dudes looked good.  Like Larry Bowa in this set.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

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