Friday, February 21, 2014

Who Are These Guys #2: Who Is This Cub? And an Update on the Unknown Padre

It's time I call on the Blogosphere and baseball fans out there to help me out and try to figure out who the heck some of these baseball players are that I have in a photo collection.

Today, it's the Unknown Cub.

I don't have much to help out here.  We know this guy was a Cub, that the photo was taken in Wrigley, and that's really all I can add.

I mean, the only thing I could possibly say about when this photo was taken is that it sort of appears like the little bear cub head is missing from the left sleeve, which would put this photo (or at least the uniform) as no later than 1961 according to Marc Okkonen's invaluable Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century.  That said, I do not have a strong opinion as to whether the Cub is not there or if we simply cannot see it.

So, any ideas?

And, now, an update on the Unknown Padre from 1969.  Rod from the excellent Padrographs blog (where he showcases his Padres autograph collection player by player) helped on identifying the patch on this players arm as being a patch worn only during the 1969 season.  He believes that the player is Tommie Sisk who, in typical fashion for the 1969 expansion teams, appears to have been with the Padres for only the 1969 season.

I looked for other photos of Sisk to confirm this identification, and it's tough to say for sure one way or the other.  I think it is pretty plausible that it is Sisk, and I trust a Padres expert like Rod over my amateur abilities in comparing features on photos from 45 years ago online!

Thanks Rod!

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