Sunday, February 9, 2014

Through The Mail Autographs

I remember to this day why I started sending mail to get autographs through the mail.  In fifth grade, as a project, I had to send a letter to one "famous" person to get their autograph and ask them a series of questions.  I used that project as an entry into the world of the TTM.

In looking through my old card boxes, I came across two of my first successful TTM autographs.  One of these guys is actually in the Hall of Fame -- Lee MacPhail.  Lee and his father Larry are currently the only father-son pair in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  At the time, Lee was the American League president.

The inscription is "To Tony, Best Wishes, Lee MacPhail".  Deep, I know.  

The other guy is Chub Feeney.  At the time, he was the National League President.  His daughter Katy was brought into baseball by her father.  Katy is the person with Major League Baseball responsible for sorting out the master schedule each year.

Chub went all out and wrote, "Best to Tony, Chub Feeney"

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