Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random Stuff Found in Boxes

As I mentioned in my first post, I am going through old boxes of cards and other things that I amassed in my time growing up in Wisconsin.  Among the random things I have found is a small box full of old ticket stubs and schedules.  Perhaps my favorite one of these schedules is this beauty from 1982:

First off, check out those prices!  The difference between the Upper Grandstand -- the Uecker seats -- and the fancy folks in the mezzanine was just $3 a game.

Of course, a seat in the bleachers that year was just $2.50.

You can't tell it from this ticket stub, but this July 3, 1982 game was against the Boston Red Sox.  The Brewers set a home attendance record for this game of 55,716 people.  What brought people to the stadium that day?  Well, it was a combination of it being a Saturday Night game over the weekend of July 4.  And, it was a promotion night -- all kids 14 and under received green wooden bats courtesy of Mountain Dew.

Seriously, imagine a team giving away 30,000 wood bats to children these days over the course of an entire season.  The downside to these bats was the green marks they left behind on the ball when you hit it!

Anyway, you can see that July 3 date on the schedule below.  I'm not sure why the printers/sponsors chose to put the months in order horizontally rather than listing May under April, but that's what they did.  
Anyone here grow up watching the Brewers on KDUB in Dubuque, Iowa?

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