Sunday, February 9, 2014

1986 MSA Jays Potato Chips Disks

As a kid, one thing I enjoyed was going to the grocery store.  For one thing, my local grocery store carried baseball cards -- remember those days?

But, more to the point of this post, going to the store was fun because it seemed like some other food product was trying to get kids to bug their moms into buying the product by inserting baseball cards.  One example of this was the then-Chicago based potato chip manufacturer, Jays Potato Chips.  Now marketed by Snyder's of Hanover, back in the 1980s Jays was the potato chip of the Midwest.  I can't tell you they tasted any better than any other potato chip, but they sure did taste better than the South's potato chip, Golden Flake.

In 1986 and in an effort to ensure that blood sodium levels remained appropriately high for Midwestern kids, Jays teamed up with MSA -- which had a license from the players' association but not MLB...meaning, yup, no logos -- to issue a 20-disk set consisting of 7 White Sox, 7 Cubs, and 6 Brewers.  Considering that, the checklist actually has a number of good players:  Carlton Fisk, Tom Seaver, Lee Smith, Ryne Sandberg, Paul Molitor, and Robin Yount are all there.

Complete sets can be found pretty cheaply on eBay.

Here are four of those discs, along with the back of the Seaver disk to show an example:

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