Friday, February 14, 2014

eBay Comes Through

Today is one of those days where I feel like an old man trying to get back into a young man's hobby.  I won an eBay auction for what I know to be a good card -- a 2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame - Hall Worthy Robin Yount card with a serial number of 02/50.  Not bad -- one of 50 cards made, supposedly.

Then I go to my checklist to try to cross it off my list and update it.  I may have mentioned this before, but there are eighteen *$)@*)#$ pages of cards from 2005 of Robin Yount.  That's 18 pages in 11 point Arial font, single-spaced.  Egad.

It took me going to both (which was entirely not useful for this one) and then to Zistle (which was very helpful) to find it as the 2005 Upper Deck Hall of Fame Hall Worthy Gold RY2 Fielding variation serial numbered to 50.  It's not a bad card in the end -- the photo is too small for my tastes, but I recognize that concern goes away when you get a relic/autograph included.

I just may have to refuse to buy/trade for those 2005 cards.


  1. This is why card makers should use a code for the strange subsets, or list the subset by name. Fine print would do. Is that Brewers' Belt Buckle embossed?

    1. I totally agree, Mark. Just a little fine print would make everything clearer.

      The Brewers logo on this card is embossed a bit -- it's a really cool card in the end, but figuring out all the variations is maddening.