Monday, February 24, 2014

Repacked Beauties

Yesterday's post was a rant.  Today, it's time to celebrate the bounty that the Target repacks provided.  I bought two different kinds of repacks -- one that held 5 unopened packs of cards and one guaranteed autograph card (even came in a nice toploader!) and the usual stuff of a bunch of loose cards, one junk wax pack, and one 2012 Topps Update pack.

And to be clear, the repacks came through with some fun stuff for my $4.  

First, in the box that contained only unopened packs and an autograph, the autograph was nothing special to me -- please correct me if I'm wrong -- in that it was a 2007 Bowman Sterling Prospect card of Kevin Ahrens.  Is this anything good?  

If you're interested in this card, comment below.

Some other cards got my attention more.  I'd never seen any of the Allen & Ginter cards in person myself in my last month back in collecting, so I was pretty excited to get an unopened pack of the 2012 A&G.  All baseball guys -- including my favorite convicted PED user Ryan Braun -- and the mini insert was Topps' darling in 2012, Stephen Strasburg.
Having seen these cards in person now, I confess -- I really like the simplicity of the set's look. I will probably end up buying a box when they come out.  That said, if you need the Strasburg, let me know.

There are some other cards from this repack job that I'll highlight later in the week, I think.  Let me save those for another day this week.

My final card to highlight today came from the loose cards section of the normal repacks.  Not only is it a Hall of Famer, not only is it a card in good shape, it is also a card that is nearly 40 years old!
Hey, Rik.  

I have a soft spot in my heart for Mr. Blyleven based on how nice he was to me when I was (almost certainly an obnoxious) teen or "tween" and asked for his autograph at a Brewers game when he was with Cleveland. He signed several for me.  He also signed a bunch of cards that I sent to him through the mail.  

But to get a 1976 Topps card of him in really nice condition in a $4 repack box?  Just outstanding!

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