Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jaybarkerfan's Generosity, Part II: The Rest of the Player Collections

This is part 2 of the package of cards and toys that I got from Jaybarkerfan. Today's post will breeze through the remainder of the player collection cards. 

A quick programming note -- I realized yesterday that, on Sunday, it was my blog's 1-year anniversary. I should do a big prize giveaway of sorts.  Instead, what I'm doing is trying to atone for my last several months where I was stuck in neutral mentally and didn't really do anything to pay back all the folks who sent me packages and didn't send out cards I was supposed to send out months ago.

I'm working on that. 

What I will say is this: if you want me to send you some cards, I will be glad to do it. Just comment below with whatever team you collect (or, better yet, send me an email with a wantlist), and I'll do my best to put a package together for you. I can't promise that I will send you cards you need, but I will definitely send you cards. If you can give me an idea of what you need, all the better.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled posting...

I know, when I first posted cards on Monday, I said there would be at least 4 posts. I realize now that I made a rookie -- not rookie of the year -- mistake: I sorted the cards I got from JBF into my Brewers collection before I scanned them all.  So, I have the player collection cards -- which get put away into their binders -- followed by the portion of the cards that go into my Brewers collection binders that exist (which is currently through 1995).

So, today is PC day here.

Charlie Moore

It's been a while since I added a card to the Charlie Moore collection. That's probably because there just are not that many Charlie Moore items available generally, and I have the vast majority of his cards covered already. In fact, I probably have this one in triplicate somewhere, but it was not in my Moore collection -- and, after all, he's number 22 above. It's also appropriate to lead off this post with another Southerner. Ben Sheets is a Louisianan, and Charlie is a Birmingham boy.

Speaking of Sheets and Southerners, here is a card that JBF sent to me that I needed for the Sheets collection:

Also speaking of people from states that many consider Southern -- or, at least, have a school in the Southeastern Conference (SEC! SEC!), here's Corey Hart:

Then, a guy who grew up in one sort-of Southern state (Florida) and attended college in another (Louisiana) -- Rickie Weeks:

Now the ties to the South get more tenuous.  Greg Vaughn played for the Devil Rays and spent some of his time in college at the University of Miami. He was, to be fair, a California guy.  

Okay, the rest of these guys really don't have any Southern ties, so let's just post the cards.

Iowa boy Cal Eldred, who apparently (according to the BR Bullpen) was nicknamed Corn Field for his Iowa roots:

Ted Higuera and Yovani Gallardo, both of whom grew up south of the border. That's not really Southern, though Southern states such as Texas, Georgia, and Florida have tons of immigrants from Mexico.

Paul Molitor, another Midwestern guy like Eldred:

Just as with Mexico, Puerto Rico is a bit too far south to be Southern.  But I like Jose Valentin all the same, thank you.

Prince Fielder, who has spent more time on the disabled list in the South than any of the other guys on this list:

Southern California is nearly the antithesis of the South when it comes to politics, even if Atlanta is stealing the TV and movie industry right out from under Los Angeles's nose as some sort of zombie apocalypse.  But it produced both Geoff Jenkins...

...and the top Brewer of them all, Robin Yount.

JBF's mega-box was my first opportunity to see in person the Topps High Tek cards in the form of this Robin Yount card and one other card:

Not that you can tell it is different from the normal NL pattern for Topps High Tek, but this is an "ice diffractor" and, accordingly, is serial numbered to 75. It's a weird card in a lot of respects -- it looks like a giant snowball is about to engulf Segura.

The final PC card was another Segura, and it is a much more attractive card:

I'll take high quality photos from Stadium Club -- even with the lazy repetition of the head shots from the Topps Heritage set on the back -- over that weird acetate thing any day.  

Yes, all you children. Get your collective selves off the greenery in front of my home.

One final JBF Generosity post -- this time of the cards for the team collection that I didn't file already -- to come.  Thanks again, JBF!


  1. I like Robert Clemente autographs and pre 1940's cards graded 10.

    1. I don't know this Robert Clemente of which you speak. One of these guys:

      Also, I don't believe in grading cards, but I'm sure we can find some SGC-Graded cards that are 10s on their scale of 100! :-)