Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Cat Expresses His Views on Cards

A very short post today, as I try to put together the posts to do justice to a massive box that arrived earlier this week.

My cat Gus loves jumping on things and getting off the floor. He loves to climb on the vanities in the bathroom, on our cedar chest, on the chair next to my desk, on my desk -- you name it, he will climb up on it.

Here he is, for example, staring at me from the corner of my desk:

Recently, he's taken to jumping on my card sorting table in my office. Most of the time, he does a circuit past my cards that are sorted there and jumps right back down to the floor.  Other times, though, he just stays there for a while.

A couple of days ago, he jumped up on the table and took a seat.  As he did it, he started staring at some of the stacks of cards there.

No more than 10 seconds later, he took a swing at some cards and knocked a stack of them over.

The odd thing is that he only ever goes after one year's cards when he wants to knock cards over. It doesn't matter where the cards are on the table -- I've moved the stack around a few times.

He just (apparently) HATES 2014 cards.

It's like he's read the blogs and our complaints about them!


  1. I think I have mentioned this before, but my cat's name is Gus, too. He loves when I go down to the man room to sort cards because he knows I'll turn on the space heater, which he immediately lays in front off. Mine has a thing for all things chromey... he lives the shine and sparkle I guess!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of you Gus.

  2. Haha, cool. We're gonna be cat-sitting for a couple weeks next month and I'm a little concerned about my cards.

  3. Now, if you were able to teach Gus to sort the cards, instead of playing 52 pickup, that would be fantastic!