Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Career, Summarized by a Bobblehead?

About a week ago, John at the appropriately named Johnny's Trading Spot posted the cards that I had culled out of my Braves collection and sent to him. He was especially enraptured by the real Goudey Braves card of a gentleman named Randy Moore that I sent to him. In discussing that card, he said, "Because of this Jim Dandy card, I have worked up an incredible return for Tony. Evil Grin. . . . I can't wait for him to get the package I'm mailing out this week."

That package arrived here on Saturday, and I'm still trying to wrap my hands and head around all the items that the box held. This package was amazing.  Seriously. I hate to be cliched and always say, "this deserves more than one post", but this package is most definitely going to be shown over a few posts.

I mean, just look:

Because I'm short on time this evening, I am going to post the conundrum. The enigma wrapped in a puzzle. The oddest item in the box was this:

That should not strike anyone as strange.  J.J. Hardy was a very good player even as a Brewer, and the only reason that the Brewers traded him away was because (a) they thought that prospect Alcides Escobar could be the shortstop on a pennant winning team and (b) that Carlos Gomez was well worth trading away the incumbent shortstop with Escobar waiting in the wings.

Strangely enough, the team was correct on both points. It's too bad for Milwaukee fans that Escobar was a Royal when he won a pennant, though.

But, I digress as always.  

The reason that this was the strangest item in the box was because J.J. Hardy's bobblehead was not in this box.  What was?

Tiger Woods?

Yes, Tiger somehow pushed J.J. Hardy out of the way and crawled into J.J.'s bobblehead box.  You might notice, though, that Tiger appears to be wearing a cast and a leg brace. He is, indeed, wrapped up in a baseball card trader's best friend, blue masking/painter's tape.  

Apparently, J.J. Hardy's bobblehead was a bad ass bobblehead, because he put a hurting on Tiger before vacating the premises:

I especially like this angle of the bobblehead. It makes it look like Tiger is screaming in pain from the hurting that was put on him rather than celebrating a put he made.  

But really, with all the leg problems that Tiger has had over the past several years, perhaps the "Tiger in a cast and walking brace for a torn ACL" bobblehead is more anatomically correct than any of us might wish it to be.  

My cat Gus, in the background, certainly thinks so.

All Tiger needs now is a blue wrap around his back and a scorecard in his right hand showing a 43 on the front nine.

Even though Tiger came a bit beat up, putting him back together with the masking tape led to many laughs around Off Hiatus headquarters -- my wife is sports fan but she does not like Tiger (I think it was the whole marital infidelity thing), so she got a huge laugh out of this one.  The entertainment value of this alone is worth having him.

I'll unwrap the remainder of the bobbleheads from that box in my next post.  

And, no matter how you slice it, this box was fantastic!


  1. Believe it or not, I did not know Tiger had replaced JJ. I love this post, very entertaining. I certainly hope the rest had their appropriate bobbles in them.