Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cards from Johnny's Trading Spot

The last two posts here have been bobblehead and magazine filled. John of Johnny's Trading Spot sent me a huge box of Brewers stuff and a Tiger Woods bobblehead that John himself did not know was in a J.J. Hardy bobblehead box.  And yet, he did not stop there. Even though the bobbleheads 

He sent Brewers cards as well. 

Yes, that is a sticker. It's a Fleer sticker from 1985 that features Robin Yount's number on it. I was unaware that such a sticker existed. And yes, I'm counting it as a Robin Yount item -- up to 667 now after adding this, the Program from yesterday, and about 25 cards from COMC.

People who have traded with me know I love to dish out oddballs to folks. I have a bunch of those Fleer boxed sets from the 1980s along with random stickers, popups, and cards from cereal boxes. I loved chasing those food items because, after all, we also got to eat the food that the cards came with.

So, it was pretty cool to get oddballs sent to me this time -- especially one I had never heard of before from the mid-2000s:

That's a Richie Sexson card from the Chevron "Clean Outta Here" set from 2004. It is a set that only MLBPA licensed, and the last team listed on the back of the card is Milwaukee -- but doesn't that uniform look like a Diamondbacks uniform? Considering the set was from 2004, perhaps Upper Deck got a photo of Sexson in spring training (I mean, he did play only 23 games as a D-back in the regular season) as a D-back?  

No matter -- Trading Card Database calls this a Brewers card, so despite the purple and the weird coloration for the uniform, I will too.

With a little less fanfare, here are some of the other oddballs, inserts, and parallels:

Dave Bush from Upper Deck 2007 Series 1, serial numbered to 75

Wes Helms from the Upper Deck "Forty Man" set serial numbered, appropriately enough, to 40.

Rob Deer from the 1987 Topps Mini Leaders set. Despite having bunches of these for other teams, I don't have all that many Brewers.

Pat Listach, from the Topps Black Gold insert. Boy, were we hoping that Listach would be a long-time star around Milwaukee.  Hope is a strange thing.

At least this card isn't in the "Black Gold" video from Soul Asylum.  I hated that song because, right in the middle of it, there was a far-too-real-sounding police siren.  Scared the crap out of me every time on the interstate.

Plus, let's be honest. Dave Pirner's voice was pretty whiny. 

Three Teddy Higuera oddballs -- two of those Fleer Boxed sets that I somehow missed and a 1988 Topps UK Mini card.  I needed all of these for my Higuera collection or for the team collection.

I'm pretty sure that if Cecil Cooper had 2000 hits in 1986, he would have led the league.

Around 1989, I watched a kid of about 12 get Chris Bosio about as mad as I have ever seen a player outside of the park while signing autographs. He called Bosio "Mr. Meyer." Apparently, Bosio -- no skinny guy himself -- thought Meyer was a fat f**k.

These two cards, though, complete the Donruss The Rookies 1988 team set.

Two Greg Vaughn oddball/parallel cards also came from John. That Collector's Choice is the Silver Signature parallel.  Now, I know that the 1990s was the time of odd photo selection and all -- just as the 2010s are all about the too-close photo crop and the grimacing pitcher face -- but couldn't they come up with a better photo than the trainer messing with Vaughn's contact lens?

These were just the oddballs that John sent to me. The others were more mundane "base set" cards, but they filled gaps for player collections from Jim Gantner to Ben Sheets and a bunch of other players in between.

John, thank you so very much for these great cards! I'm not sure that the old Goudey card really justified this huge of a box, though....I may just have to send more cards your way!


  1. I don't recall ever seeing one of those fortyman parallels. Pretty cool stuff.

  2. You won't ever hear me complain about getting cards! No, serious I won't complain at all. LOL..
    Don't forget I still have two more bobbles that didn't fit in the box!