Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Card from The Hot Corner

A quick post before I head out first to my local card show for the first time in four months and then helping to entertain my wife's aunt, who is coming to stay with us tonight.

With the recently threatened winter weather here in Atlanta -- and, for the most part, it stayed as threatened rather than real -- I was home on Wednesday afternoon when the mail came. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a PWE from Michigan with one tiny .... well, the story works better if it were a Rob Deer card.  But, instead, it was a Green Gypsy Queen parallel from 2013 of the PED Man known as Ryan Braun:

As you can see from this scan of the back of the card, it was numbered to 99:

The PWE came from Pat of Hot Corner Cards, who has been spreading the PWE love around the blogosphere as of late.

I'm glad that Pat included me in the mail day -- thank you very much!

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