Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Tweet Trade with @nmhdogg33

Imagine it's 1985 again.  In 1985 -- 30 years ago -- many of you weren't born or were so young that you really have no recollection of that year.  

For those of us who can remember that time (I was 13 years old and turned 14, so I definitely recall it), there are a number of things about that year that are reasonably similar to life now.  Cable TV had expanded to most cities and towns in a primordial form, and already wives and mothers were complaining about husbands and sons flipping through forty channels and not being able to find anything to watch.  

Still, technology had advanced far enough to where it was not out of the realm of understanding that we would one day be able to communicate by computer. I mean, just five years after that -- in 1990 -- I had my first e-mail address when I got to college.  

But, you would have been hard-pressed to imagine the ubiquitous nature of social media. The very thought of Facebook would have absolutely blown my mind in 1985, and I probably would have thought that Twitter was pointless -- what can you possibly say of any importance in 140 characters?

We've come a long way.

Now, we chat back and forth @ each other, with others joining in the conversation sometimes. We repeat by retweeting, we reinforce others by favoriting, and we sometimes feed the trolls 140 characters at a time.  

I get much of my news -- sports and otherwise -- from it.  If I see someone's name trending, I assume either that they died, signed a new contract, or hit 3 homers in a game.  But I click on it.  

A couple of weeks back, I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a tweet that interested me:

RT for a chance to win this 1987 Sportlics Paul Molitor card. . Will pick winner SAT

I retweeted this and another tweet from Nathan where he was giving away a Robin Yount Sportflics card, and I was the winner!

Here both cards are:

Yeah, Sportflics still don't scan very well.

This turned into a trade when I sent Nathan some cards of one of his guys -- Andre Dawson. Thanks for the cards, Nathan, and enjoy the Dawsons.  

Maybe even tweet about them.


  1. good old fashioned Sportflics! They aren't the prettiest, but I love 'em! Esp HOF'er flics! Maybe one day, I'll join the Tweet world.

  2. Nice Twitter trade. I read Twitter all the time but like Julie haven't taken the plunge yet.