Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hanging Around in a One-Card Post (A Card From My Cardboard Habit)

In October of 2004, I went to a rock concert at the Fabulous Fox Theater here in Atlanta. At that time, I lived and worked in the City of Atlanta proper -- Midtown, in fact -- and was able to walk to the show.  The main act for the show was the reunion tour of seminal alternative band The Pixies, and they put on a great show -- all the old stuff, one new song that was decent, and all the original lineup in its pomp.

Opening up for them was this Irish band that, in honesty, I hadn't heard of before that show. The Irish band was called The Thrills, and I found their music to be catchy without being annoying and musical and earnest in a way I appreciated.  As it turns out, The Thrills were big in Ireland, pretty big in the UK, and barely made a dent in the US (despite an appearance on David Letterman's Late Show) before their third album went *thud* everywhere in the world and EMI dropped them from the label.  

For being an Irish band, The Thrills had a very laid back, California vibe to their music. One of their catchier, more enjoyable songs to me was this song:

As much as the song laments the fact that hanging around in a one-horse town is a bad idea, I'm not as sure that a one-card post should carry any shame.  This is especially true when the one card being posted is a great one, as is the case with this beauty from J. Meeks at My Cardboard Habit.  A few weeks ago, he broke a box of the 2015 Series 1 Topps, and he found a card that was right up my alley:

I know.  All y'all Braun haters are gonna hate, and I wonder myself if he has ever been clean in his career when he's been healthy -- time will tell, and even then, he probably won't ever get the benefit of the doubt from anyone (nor should he).  

But, he's about to become the top home run hitter ever for the Brewers, and he is undeniably one of the best players to put on a Brewer uniform.  With those facts and my PC for him in mind, this card is an excellent addition to my Braun collection, which is rapidly approaching 300 cards/items.

Mr. Meeks -- thank you very much for this card and for thinking of me immediately when you got it!


  1. I just came across another Braun that I need to send your way as well.

    1. Excellent! I found a card to send your way as well at a show recently.

  2. Hey, no-comment on Braun, but I caught the San Diego stop of that tour! Fun show. I had been turned onto the Thrills a couple years earlier by an online friend of mine in UK. Yeah, they've got a few pretty good songs, with "One Horse Town" probably being the best. (I was definitely there for the Pixies, though.)

    1. And so was I, definitely. I was surprised by how much I liked The Thrills -- I bought both their CDs (so early 2000s there! LOL) on Amazon the next day.