Sunday, February 15, 2015

JBF Generosity III: The Team Collection Cards

This is the third and final post about the cards that Jaybarkerfan sent to me in a Priority Mail box a week or so ago.  I would have posted this earlier, but I've been focusing on putting packages together for people to whom I've owed some cards for quite some time and for others who read my previous JBF post and made a request that I try to send them some cards.

Now, rather than riff on and on about all these cards, I'm going to do a word association game of sorts. I was inspired by Night Owl's ELO post -- taking songs from an album and putting cards with the songs -- but I'm doing it in reverse.  I'm going to post a card and then provide a link to a song that the card brings to mind and why.  I'm only going to post 5 cards though -- I want to get back to packaging up cards to send out!

1.  Chuck Carr, 1996 E-Motion XL

The Song: The Distance, Cake

Since the songs about race and my fantasy league opponents in the early 1990s pounded the stupid "Chuckie Race Carr" nickname into my head, the first song I thought of was "The Distance." Coincidentally, the song was released in 1996 as well.

2.  Rollie Fingers, 1985 Donruss Action All-Star

The Song: Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance to Anything), The Dead Milkmen.

Something about the border on this card reminded me of Max Headroom, synthesizers, and synthpop. But, Rollie is too upbeat for some dire song from the Miami Vice soundtrack or some Herbie Hancock mix-up. So, I went with a song from 1987 off the album "Bucky Fellini" that made me laugh on so many levels back in the 1980s and even today still makes me laugh. "You wear black clothes and you're poetic. The sad truth is you're just pathetic."


3.  1990 Topps Traded Dave Parker

The Song: I'm Only Joking, KONGOS

The big smile on Parker's face makes it look to me that either he's checking out a woman in the stands, or else he just make a joke. My brain went with the second to pick out this song.  I'm convinced that this song by KONGOS would be a great song for a drumline from a big marching band to get their director to arrange and start wailing away on their bass drums, quad/quint toms, and snares.

4.  1995 Fleer Matt Mieske

The Song: Awful, Hole

There were a few things that popped into my head when looking at this card. I mean, it's a terrible angle for a card photo -- basically, Matt Mieske's ass takes up about half the card. But every song about butts that came to mind are essentially paeans to the glories of large female butts or about females shaking their butts in strip clubs (you know, E-40's "U and Dat" or the obvious Sir Mix-A-Lot "I Like Big Butts" or the crunk-a-licious Three Six Mafia "Shake My Ass").  But, this card photo is just awful. So, the Hole song of the same name works here.

5.  1982 Topps Ben Oglivie

The Song: On Top of the World, Imagine Dragons.

Because, after all, Brewers fans got as close to being on top of the world in 1982 as we have ever been.  Yes, a bit cliched to think this way, but that's where my head went.

JBF definitely filled my mailbox up -- and my Brewers binders up -- with the box he sent me. For that, I thank you.  And, I am putting a package together for you -- I know, surprise!

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