Friday, February 20, 2015

$30 a Week spent $15 on me -- and Packages Hit the Post Office

Okay, maybe it was more.  $30 a Week Habit is one of my favorite blogs to read, and Robert is one of the genuinely good people that populates the blogosphere.  I was very surprised when I received a package from him recently, and I was even more surprised with what the package contained:

Straight out of the box came a 2011 Topps Chrome insert called "Vintage Chrome" of Prince Fielder. It is a nice, shiny card that I did not have -- and those are the best kind!  Then, there is the relic from the 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes set.

And these were the cards about which I was least excited.

Why?  Because the other cards in the envelope hit my "Primary Players."

For instance, that is a gen-u-wine Ryan Braun Rookie Card from Fleer Ultra in 2007 along with a gold parallel Bowman Braunie from 2011.

But, my favorite card from Robert was not even a card:

I find myself liking the old Braves players' cards and items more and more as I get more of the current or more modern cards. I think it's just the awe of having an item of Warren Spahn that is just cool to me.  Spahn was a legend before I even was born. I think that's the lure of the retired players showing up in sets -- the legends' cards just feel more special.

As long as we don't get so many of them that they become commonplace.

Robert, thank you very much for these cards and the Collect-A-Book.  I really appreciate these.

Finally, I promised that packages have gone to the Post Office.  The following Postal Codes should have cards showing up soon:

...and a package for which I had to fill out a Customs Form.  In triplicate.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!


  1. Always looking for you Tony!! Glad you liked what I sent

  2. I can't believe how much of a pain the USPS is compared to my part of town !