Thursday, May 1, 2014

Post #100, Part III: To the Victors Go the Spoils

Everyone has let me know what they wanted out of the Treasure Chest.  So, to milk one more post out of this contest, let me entertain you with announcing what each person has selected. With the NFL draft coming up, I decided to liven this post up by using videos of draft picks where possible.

With the first selection in the Off Hiatus giveaway draft, the Boston Celtics select:

The Celtics selected Lucas Nogueira and his Coco-Crispy afro last year in the first round of the NBA draft, and promptly traded Nogueira away to the Atlanta Hawks.  In the Treasure Chest draft, the New England-based Swing and a Popup selected:

Here's hoping that this 2014 Topps Museum Collection Signature Swatches of Felix Doubront fares better in the Northeast than Nogueira did.

With the Second Selection in the Off Hiatus giveaway draft, the Los Angeles Lakers select:

The Lakers have not picked a player in the first round since 2009, and they traded that guy away immediately after the draft for a second round pick the next season.  So, we're stuck with a second round pick from Duke, Ryan Kelly, for this selection...because I am not going near the Clippers situation right now. Or ever, for that matter.

The real upside here is that Oscar from All Trade Bait, All the Time selected a real gem of a card:

This 1978 Topps Andre Dawson card will be making its way out to California.

With the Third Selection in the Off Hiatus Giveaway, the St. Louis Rams select Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia:

While the Rams have nothing to do with the Big Apple, Keith is a big West Virginia football fan, so he gets Tavon Austin as his introduction.  And, hopefully he likes the card he selected as much as he likes Austin:

Apologies for the crappy scan, as I am in my office at work and not next to my cards to scan in the actual card Keith will be getting.

With the Fourth Selection, the Los Angeles Kings select:

What is it with Los Angeles teams getting rid of their first round picks?  I guess it's that they have to win now, so they mortgage the future for the present.  Anyway, the LA Kings did not have a first round pick in the 2013 NHL Draft last year, so they selected LW Valentin Zykov, an 18-year-old Russian who is currently playing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

I guess it's appropriate that the person who is probably the youngest one to win something would be feted with a guy who had just turned 18 when he was drafted, so tell us, Alex from Chavez Ravining, who are you selecting?

In the end, this pick was probably easier for Alex than it was for the Kings.

With the Fifth Pick in the Off Hiatus Giveaway Draft, the New England Patriots select:

Another team that usually does not have first-round picks is the New England Patriots, but this fact is usually because they have traded down 7 times to get half the fourth round selections and two first round picks in 2021.  

New reader Mark Hoyle got his second pick as well, since he wanted that Felix Doubront relic.  So, instead, he gets:

The Xander Bogaerts 2014 Topps Turkey Red. Again, apologies for the scan, but it's what I could find online right now.

With the sixth and final selection of the Off Hiatus Giveaway Draft, Baseball Card Breakdown selects:

Gavin gets the strangest video of all -- William Perry singing something -- because he has a Perry ProSet card on his Desperate Dozen list.  

As was the case with the previous pick, Gavin did not get his first pick-- the Bogaerts Turkey Red -- but he does get his second selection:

The Paul Goldschmidt Topps Heritage logo variation short-print.  

Thanks to all of you who participated.  I'm updating the Trade Bait list now to show those cards that have been claimed, but please contact me about a trade.  I am much more interested in trying to get cards I need than in getting "fair value," so let me know if you see something in the Trade Bait that tickles your fancy.

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