Thursday, May 22, 2014

Work Beckons

The downside to being a lawyer is that you work when your clients need you to work and not just when you want to work.  Sometimes, that means working at night when you'd rather be blogging.

Of course, the upside is that, at least in my case, I can take an hour at lunch and write my post for the 1982 Topps Blog I write.  I know at least a couple of you have been checking it out, and I greatly appreciate those of you who have taken the time to leave comments on the posts.

Over there, we're up to card #46.  It's a special one, because it's a Brewer.  Making it more special is the fact that you'll be treated to a drinking song straight from the streets of 19th Century Vienna if you do go there.  Say hello to Wisconsin native Jerry Augustine.

The downside to me working tonight is that I probably will not get to looking at the e-mails some of you have sent me or into the cards that I had intended to get ready to send out tomorrow.  Since I'm going out of town on a short vacation with my wife's family through Wednesday, I will not be sending anything out until next week Thursday or Friday.  Sorry.

Finally, since Baseball Card Blogger law says that bloggers cannot post without pictures, here are two "first-day" type cachets that I bought for a buck a piece on eBay from two momentous occasions in Robin Yount's career -- his second MVP award and his 3000th hit.

Stay safe, watch some baseball, hang out with family and friends, and enjoy your Memorial Day -- but don't forget why we have a Memorial Day.

See you next week.


  1. I have to track down a few of those cachet's

  2. Nice eBay purchases. "First-day" cachets are highly underrated in my book.

    Btw... it's funny that you bring up your job and schedule in today's post. I've scheduled a post for tomorrow that covers the same info... and you're included. Stay tuned.

  3. Have a good mini vacation. Maybe you will find a good flea market or card shop.

  4. When you get back send me an email at so I can send you some Brewers cards.