Sunday, May 11, 2014

Make-up Call

Everyone knows that referees -- particularly in basketball (just ask defrocked NBA referee Tim Donaghy), but certainly in other sports as well -- will give a make-up call on one play to make up for an atrocious call on another.  Whether it is to shut up a yapping player, to appease a complaining coach, or to soothe a referee's own conscience, it happens all the time.

Bloggers can need make-up calls too.  It's not as common, but it becomes necessary when one blogger highlights a particular item that they sent to you as part of a trade and you either forget, misplace it, or otherwise space out and don't mention it in your trade post.

Some might call it eating crow, apologizing, or what have you, a make-up post becomes necessary.

A minor musical digression introduces this post:  So. Central Rain, by R.E.M.:

Back when R.E.M. had their edgy fastball in the 1980s, that song -- with Michael Stipe's plaintive cry of "I'm Sorry" as the chorus -- was the first single off Reckoning.  I liked R.E.M. a bunch in the 1980s and early 1990s, but then once I spent three years of my life in Athens, Georgia, for law school, I gained a new appreciation for their earlier songs.

Anyway, all that is a typically long introduction for a mea culpa: I owe Keith at The Home Run Apple an apology.  If you read his trade post about the trade we worked out, at the end of the post is a reference to hoping that I liked "the Braun Coin card."  If you look at my trade post, you'll see that there is no Braun coin card.

That's because I missed it.

In the middle of two eBay envelopes showing up with a couple of small team-set purchases, I mistook the Braun coin card for being from eBay.

Then I compounded my mistake.  I asked Keith about it. He could not find it, and both of us were scratching our heads.

Last night, though, I went to my bookshelf to grab my uniforms book to fact-check myself on when the Brewers got rid of their wonderful powder-blue away uniforms, I looked and saw...the Braun coin card....

...there, in all of its glory -- even in an eTopps sticker-closed protective case.

That was truly a lesson to me.  I learned that it is a bad idea to open envelopes at the kitchen table before going to my card room.  I learned that it is a bad idea to have two or three gin-and-tonics before scanning things in to show them off.  And, I learned that it is a bad idea not to look around your own room before asking someone else to do the same.

Keith, thanks again for the great trade.  And, my humblest apologies.


  1. No worries Tony, just glad it was found/located. I thought to myself did I accidentally leave it out and my youngest get a hold of it and did who knows what with it. At least it wouldn't have suffered the same fate the Segura card did that he got a hold of.

  2. Most of my favorite R.E.M. tunes come from their earlier days. "So. Central Rain" is definitely one of my top five by them.