Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Who are *those* from now?" "It's John and the Hot Corner, Dear!"

That would be my wife talking.  She's seen a fair number of PWEs and bubble mailers showing up in our mailbox, as you can imagine with the eBay win trilogy of a couple of posts ago.  Today's post is to highlight a couple of those wonder PWEs that arrived recently.

Because I'm a little short on time, though, you'll have to make do with "the best of the lot" and the "single scan fits all" methods -- I'm being lazy and don't feel like fixing my scanner's failure to separate the cards out for me

First, I made a trade with reader John.  John saw some of my Repack posts and really liked a Chipper Jones refractor that was packaged in one of those $20 boxes of unopened packs.  So, he asked me if I could save that refractor for him along with other Braves and Mets too.  I sent those to him, and he mailed me some Brewers -- the standard operating procedure for making a trade with me, after all.  The three best cards I got from John were:

I love the Carlos Gomez Heritage Refractor in particular, though the Dave Nilsson Pacific Paramount and the Scooter Gennett Minor league cards both are great additions to my collection.  Here's hoping that Carlos Gomez hasn't started another fight with another Pirate tonight.

The other PWE I got was a random one from Pat at Hot Corner Cards.  I'm not sure if I sent him anything for this envelope, but I will definitely need to reciprocate soon.  He sent me some good recent cards as well:

That Ryan Braun card in particular was a great card to get for me, though all of them are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again to both of you for the cards and the trades.

I will write some tomorrow too, hopefully, but I will be out of town on Thursday night.  I'm heading to Savannah, Georgia, to speak to a group of architects about construction contracts.  If you'd like, I could see if the seminar could be live blogged on Twitter....any takers?

I didn't think so.

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  1. Nice cards.
    I saw a few guys get TTM returns from Scooter Gennett before the season started. If lucky you might still get one.