Monday, May 12, 2014

Memorabilia Monday Returns!

You may have noticed last week that I missed out on posting on Memorabilia Monday.  So, to make up for it, I'm posting two items that made it to my collection in very, very different ways.  One of these items is not likely to leave my collection before I start watching the guys from Field of Dreams playing in person somewhere, and the other would leave my possession tomorrow if I can find someone to take it.

Let's start with that second item first.  About a month ago, I went to a flea market. As I posted about in the wake of that flea market, I bought some nice items there, but in the end I felt a little less than satisfied with my purchases.  

I left the flea market at about noon.  I had eaten a light breakfast, but I was struggling to figure out lunch. None of the usual fast food options appealed to me, so I stopped at a SuperTarget to see if I could find some inspiration both for lunch and for baseball cards.  

I found the cards.

As you might expect, none of the retail options appealed to me, and my treasure hunting persona kicked in. Of course it was time for another repack.  It was a Fairfield pack and it promised 100 cards and an unopened pack, but it also said, "INSIDE: A Special Baseball Collectible!"

What would that be?


A Boston Red Sox 2003 Hummer H2 from Fleer from 2005?  I mean, I get that some people will buy literally anything that has their team's logo on it, but really -- basically a Matchbox or Hot Wheels car with a team logo on it?  No wonder Fleer had their license to use MLB logos yanked.  

In all seriousness, it's not that bad of an idea.  If putting baseball team logos on toy cars got even one more kid interested in baseball and collecting baseball items, I'm okay with it.  I just didn't expect a 9-year-old toy car to be my "Special Collectible!" for the package.

The other item probably qualifies as a similarly idiotic purchase or idea of sorts.  I mean, who would buy a cardboard sheet that is 11 inches by 17 inches that says, "Robin Yount for Mayor"?

Okay, I'm that idiot:

Pardon the cropping -- I got a lot of glare from my lights in my card room.  I'm one of at least 9 people (since my "print" is serial numbered at 9 of 99 and assuming they didn't just send me #9 to make me think that) to purchase one of these Robin Yount for Mayor posters that Topps created as a money grab prior to Opening Day.  I have to be honest, though -- I actually like it.  It looks pretty cool in the card room -- it fits the decor, certainly, and it goes with the old Milwaukee Braves pennant and the other stuff I have on the wall.  I'm not complaining at all about it.  

Even my wife thinks it is pretty cool.

So, that's the memorabilia for last Monday and this Monday.  I hope you all had a great Mother's Day!


  1. Come on Tony....If you would have pulled a sweet Brewers hummer you would have been pumped!

    1. Of course. I would still be wondering what in the name of Robin Yount to do with it.

  2. I would love to take that Red Sox hummer of your hands if I didn't already have one. In the original packaging they came with a Fleer card and the Hummer.

  3. I just picked up the Tony C for Mayor sticker from the 67 topps sticker set. It's the size of a regular card not oversized like the Yount

    1. I would much rather have had that sticker be my hidden memorabilia than the H2!

  4. Before I got into baseball cards as a kid, I was majorly into Matchbox cards. I would've died of excitement if that car came out when I was 8.

    1. So was I. I think my mom -- who is the perpetual packrat -- still has my Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars in their carrying cases at her house. I'm not sure why, though -- I have to believe that they would look like a Matchbox Junkyard rather than any kind of treasure trove for the way I played with them back in the 70s.