Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh, What's a Mini?

Honestly, I've never heard this song by some reggae guys called "Goldy and Chronixx" before about three minutes ago.  But, can you really go wrong with a song called, "The Mini Song"?

Okay, don't listen to the song before you answer that.  It doesn't exactly get me fired up, except, perhaps, for showing a ton of girls in short skirts...

Fine, I'll admit it -- this is all just another bad introduction to highlight some cards I got in the mail on Monday from two of the most prolific, well-respected bloggers -- and deservedly so in both cases -- around.  And both of them sent me minis.

Starting with the newer minis, which came from Zippy Zappy at Cervin' Up Cards.

I want to start with a confession. When I first came across the Cervin' Up Cards blog, I knew ZZ would be a Yankee fan despite the fact that I had no idea who on God's Green Earth Francisco Cervelli was.  I have not followed the American League at all before this year -- thank you, Baseball Cards! -- and really haven't for quite some time.  I honestly thought that ZZ was actually an old-school Yankees fan and named his blog in honor of the semi-immortal (and still quite alive) Bob Cerv:

No matter.  Cervin' is still a daily read for me to follow ZZ's efforts at through-the-mail autographs, his dalliances with trips to the Staten Island Yankees stadium, and his occasional forays into Star Wars figures opening baseball card packs.  Since ZZ is a fan of the Yankees, though, he bit hook, line, and sinker for that Alex Rodriguez quad relic I got from Museum Collection a few weeks back.  In return, he sent me a bunch of cool, recent cards:


ZZ sent me a whole bunch of prospect love first and foremost, but he also added to my player collections for Braun, Hart, and Fielder.  I really like the Peralta with Brevard County -- he's quickly becoming a mainstay in the Brewers rotation.  Also, I'm hopeful that Hunter Morris will produce enough in a half-season or so in Triple-A (and stay healthy) so that the Brewers can jettison the skeletal remains of Lyle Overbay from the roster.

But I promised Minis:

ZZ delivered on that promise with the 2013 version of the Topps Minis.  I didn't have any minis from last year, so these were all greatly appreciated, as was the unlicensed Gallardo in a white pajama suit card from Season Ticket.

Thanks again, Zippy Zappy!  These are excellent, and you can send me Topps Minis -- even of recent vintage -- any time.

Now, the other minis I got were, indeed, the ones that get people very excited.  They were the 1975 variety, and they came to me in a PWE with a return address of Watertown, New York.

Yes, I got my first Night Owl mailer -- and it delivered far better than any mailman could:

I think that Purple Ryan Braun Heritage Refractor was what caused this envelope to come my way initially, but it would not be an envelope from Night Owl without those minis from 1975.  Those immediately went into my Brewers collection, except that the Charlie Moore found its way to my player collection for him.  Indeed, all of those cards -- even the Peter Gabriel Topps card with "Red Rain, Fallin' Down, Red Rain" of Scooter Gennett -- made their way into my collection accordingly.

Thank you, Night Owl, for the fantastic envelope.  Now I have to figure out what to get for the blogger who has everything!


  1. Glad you like the minis.
    And you're excused for mistaking the origin of Cervin' since I never thoroughly explained it lol.

    1. I thought the same thing when I first came across ZZ blog

  2. Always liked me some minis.

    1. Those 2013 ones actually are pretty nice. Of course, with all the base set variations, I think that means that a collector would need something like 25 different cards to complete the full "rainbow."

      I am starting to think that Topps needs to stick to the actual colors of the rainbow -- give us ROY G BIV and that's it!

  3. I most definitely do not have everything. My want list reminds me every day.