Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Complete 180

Last night, it was all about the repack.  Today, I got a delivery I have been super-excited about all weekend. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to buy a case of something.  And I did -- it's the ho-hum 2013 Series 2 Topps base set, which Dave & Adam's Card World had on sale at below half price.  At the same time as I ordered that, my wife encouraged me to get a second one.

Twist my arm.

But I didn't get a second case.  Instead, I went with four hobby boxes of Bowman.  And, I watched anxiously over the weekend as everyone went into full hysteria mode to open these packs and find the hits.  I was not as lucky as William at Foul Bunt, meaning I have not pulled a Jose Abreu -- not yet, at least -- but I wanted to share a couple of quick things from just the first box.

The first few packs went by quickly.  There were a few nice cards which I'll share when I get done with all the packs, but then I saw something shiny and very, very red:

I looked on eBay, and this card is running somewhere around $30 on one active auction with some Buy-It-Nows around $50 or $60.  Not bad.  Not complaining.

The Bowman hobby boxes promise one autograph per box.  So, when I got to the next card, I have to admit -- I was feeling a bit disappointed in Bowman.

It's an autograph of a pitcher who was in rookie league last year (and don't forget the mantra: TINSTAAPP....there is no such thing as a pitching prospect) and it's numbered 30 of 500.  I mean, it's an autograph, but I really was hoping for, well, more.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

The fourth last pack of the box was a hot one.

It's a chip off the Great One...

A Black Wave Brewer Prospect!

A Cuban Defector Black Wave!

Okay, he's alright.  Nothing special...

A Silver Wave Cardinal numbered 11 of 25? Yes please.

There's more?  Oh yes.  Much more.

Maikel Franco of the Phillies, Black Wave, numbered 16 of 50.  That one hit $225 yesterday on eBay.  And that's where this one is going...but wow, what a hot pack!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some gold to chase.


  1. Nice stuff so far. If you get any Mets stuff let me know being I've been keeping an eye on eBay for autos and refractors.

  2. Awesome Tony. That is a good one to pull.

  3. Great pulls! Hope the rest of the boxes go just as well for you.